Margaret Weis: The Soulforge

Margaret_Weis: {enters}

fitz: finally


Demaar: shh!

Marshall: Shh Good evening, Ms. Weis.

TSRO_Spidy: Welcome Margaret

Leech: hello

TSRO_Spidy: Hey BOSS

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: Welcome

TSR_Sean: Welcome, Margaret! Ya slipped past me!

Margaret_Weis: Hi everyone!

Marshall: Hi

The_Spicy_Potato: hello

fitz: m’lady

Demaar: hi…….

dizastr: hello

AntraSpellweaver: hi

Ebonshard: Hello

Nistone: Hello!!! πŸ˜‰

WildChild: Hello

fitz:Shh….she might kill the kender in the next novel!

Kistilan: high

Abnus: howdy

Roblin: Greetings! Hi! πŸ™‚

Margaret_Weis: No, no killing of kender in the Soulforge!

Margaret_Weis: Thank you so much!

fitz:Yay! thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!

Leech: do we have formalities, or can I ask a question now?

Margaret_Weis: Okay.

Margaret_Weis: I am ready!

TSR_Sean: Let’s wait a little bit, just to let a few more people show up and bask in Margaret’s glory πŸ˜‰

SeventhSon: No kender killing? Then the world is truly not safe… πŸ˜‰

TSRO_Spidy: Leech, we do have seminar protocol to follow.

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: You da’bos Sean πŸ˜‰

Arkyn: wow

Toadstool: Are there any plans to make the DragonLance books into a movie(s)?

Leech: can anyone tell me how much the 2nd edition rules differ from 1st edition?

Demaar: What about movies?

Margaret_Weis: Not now, as far as I know.

TSRO_Mikal: Patience folks…patience

Toadstool: Oopss, sorry. Didn’t know there was a protocol.

Ashaman: (((Hope’s no movie’s, There goes the Fantasy aspect!!))

TSRO_Spidy: Toadstool, please, let’s wait on the questions. Patience.

Margaret_Weis: There were some plans, but those fell through.

AntraSpellweaver: How about an animated DragonLance series?

TSR_Sean: Leech, this chat isn’t for AD&D rules questions … go to TSR Live for that πŸ™‚

Dethslayer: What is the protocol, please?

Bird-boy: bows down in reverence and awe before the great goddess

Margaret_Weis: The Muppets were interested!

Leech: ok, where to?

Leech: sorry

TSRO_Spidy: Leech, TSR Live is the place to chat and ask questions about the game.

Margaret_Weis: I could see Miss Piggy as Kitiara

Ristamar: LOL

Ashaman: ((Please Margaret! Deny any requests! Don’t ruin them!! They were great books

A_Shade: Kenders borrowed the script no doubt and never return it


Arkyn: Lol

Toadstool: Grin.

Galwylin: Miss Piggy as Kitiara!! I had the same idea once!! ;D

SeventhSon: Ms Weis, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop wanted to do DragonLance? That would be wonderful.

asatoph: when can we ask questions?

fitz:tries to suppress his giggling, but fails miserably

Bird-boy: ((how do you do actions?))

The_Spicy_Potato: maybe when Kit’s pregnant.

Alleua: Spidy… wasn’t that our topic… one night? Muppets as AD&D monsters?

Margaret_Weis: Henson’s people thought it was too “macho!”

Arkyn: Hello Ms. Weis, Love your books

Ashaman: The two guys in the booth as Gilean and Paladine!!!

TSRO_Spidy: Patience all, we will get to them shortly.

Margaret_Weis: Go ahead.

TSRO_Spidy: Alluea, aye, that it was. It was quite entertaining.

Ristamar: heh, yeah Ash

Bird-boy: My name is supposed to be Sartan78!!!!

AntraSpellweaver: Ms. Weis, are you planning on attending any cons in Maryland?

Ristamar: those guys are great

TSRO_Mikal: you got it….

fitz: bye guys

Margaret_Weis: Maryland. . . I don’t think so. No one there has ever invited me. But I’m open to invitation.

TSR_Sean: OK, folks, raise your hand and a TSR will call on you when it’s your turn.

Ashaman: Mrs. Weis, I must say, this isn’t meeting you but it’s a pleasure anyway.

TSRO_Mikal: was just about to turn it on

Dethslayer: me

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: Alright Everyone ATTENTION please!!!! We are about ready to start, so remember, Seminar Protocols are in effect and will be enforced!! If you are unsure what this means, check out the basics at ? for question ! for comment.. wait to be called.

Galwylin: ?

Margaret_Weis: (I don’t know the rules.)

Toadstool: Thanks.

Arkyn: ((hand rather))

Bird-boy: How do you do actions?

Arkyn: use a colon before the action

TSR_Sean: Margaret, the TSRO will call on someone, and they’ll ask their question. Feel free to disregard anyone who just busts in.

Fizzlestick: ((or /me works too))

TSRO_Spidy: Ok all, it is a ? to be able to ask a question, and a ! to make a comment.

Ashaman: !

Fizzlestick: ?

Ashaman: !

Dethslayer: ?

WildChild: ?

Arkyn: ?

TSRO_Spidy: No emotes will be recognized.

AntraSpellweaver: ?

Demaar: ?

The_Spicy_Potato: ?

Ashaman: !

Margaret_Weis: Sure! This is fun!

Galwylin: ?

Arkyn: ?

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: I get the unique pleasure of introducing someone to you whom I greately respect for her writing and creative talents, one of the few perks of working with TSRO Mikal. πŸ˜‰ She has helped to bring to life various fantasy and science fictions worlds which I now call home both as a reader and as a DM. Her books always have a special place on my bookshelves. Her long list of works are too many to mention and I am sure she can do better at it than I. Having said all that.

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: Welcome to TSR’s website Ms. WEis wouls you like to say a few words first?

asatoph: ?

rasclin: ?

Ashaman: !!!!!!

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: err would….

Margaret_Weis: I’m very glad to be here. Thanks for inviting me!

Fizzlestick: Thank you for this time, ma’am.

TSR_Sean: BRB…

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: Shh all…


The_Spicy_Potato: ?

Ashaman: !

TSRO_Mikal: SHHHH!!…we have protocols folks

Demaar: ?

Ashaman: !

AntraSpellweaver: ?

Dethslayer: ?

Margaret_Weis: Who has first question?

Ashaman: !

Demaar: ?

asatoph: ME!

TSRO_Spidy: I have you all down now, so after Ms Wies has her say, I will call on you.

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: right to number one Spidy

dizastr: ?

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, first up is Galwylin

AntraSpellweaver: ?

Margaret_Weis: I think I’ve said about all I can, except to announce that Soulforge’s pub date has been delayed. I t will be out February 5.

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: right before my birthday… perfect πŸ˜‰

Bird-boy: ?

AntraSpellweaver: ?

Demaar: ?

Galwylin: Okay.. just a quick question…. any plans to do 5th Age novels? When ya coming back to Alabama ;D

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: ((rember everyone have your questions typed and ready when you are called on to avoid delays)

Thistletoe: *skips in* Hi, Margaret!

Ristamar: ?

asatoph: ?

Margaret_Weis: Yes, Tracy and I will be doing 5th Age novels. We plan three of them and it’s SO COOL! Don and I are coming to MobiCon this summer.

Jamie_Chambers: Hi Margaret! ::shutting up now::

smoker: ?

TSRO_Spidy: Just a quick reminder to all that have entered since it started, protocol is in effect, put a ? to the screen to ask a question and a ! for a comment.

asatoph: ?

Arkyn: ?

asatoph: ?

Margaret_Weis: Next?

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, asatoph, you’re up.

asatoph: ?

Schieber: ?

asatoph: Uh…where did you get the idea for kender?

AntraSpellweaver: ?

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: ((another reminder.. you don’t get your question answered faster by typing more ?s one is all it takes)

Margaret_Weis: The kender were thought up by the DL group. They wanted a race like hobbits, but with no furry feet. Someone suggested a race of thieves. Tracy objected to this and said that if they were thieves they should steal out of curiosity, not greed. And so KENDER!

Rue_Shadowfax: ?

Margaret_Weis: Roger Moore wrote the very first story about Tasslehoff.

Marshall: ?

Khalar: ?

asatoph: ?

Margaret_Weis: Next

Khalar: ?

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, Fizzlestick, you’re up.

Fizzlestick: Fizban: a loveable persona that has been through so many of your works. He mentions a lot of other famous wizards in his ramblings. What was your original concept/inspiration that led to his creation as Fizban/Zifnab?

Fizzlestick: I was ready, take a hint folks so we don’t have to look at anymore ? & !…

Margaret_Weis: Tracy thought up Fizban. He’s based on a character played by a Greek Orthodox priest who was a friend of a Jeff and Kate Grubb. That priest was also the guy who produced Fireball chilli!

Fizzlestick: Cool, thanks.

Margaret_Weis: Next?

Abnus: ?

The_Spicy_Potato: ?

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, Dethslayer you’re up

Dethslayer: What was the inspiration for the First Dragonarmy Engineers? Will we be seeing them again sometime in the future? And what would Slith do when/if Kang finally kicks the bucket? (Slith’s my main draconian πŸ™‚

saphyre: ?

Jamie_Chambers: TSRO Spidy? Could you give us an idea of how long the waiting list is?

Khalar: ?


Margaret_Weis: Don was the inspiration for the Draconian engineers. They will be back in the 5th Age novels. Don writes them and I tag along after to add my bit.

Schieber: ?

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: (everyone.. if you want to ask any one else questions use private messages with the /tell {username} no other typing to the screen)

TSRO_Spidy: An update on the list, we currently have 18 on it to ask questions, and all of those are first time questions.

Margaret_Weis: Next?

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: ?

Margaret_Weis: By the way, the Doom Brigade will be out in paperback in March.

Thistletoe: ?

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, Wildchild, you’re up next.

WildChild: What are your opinions of current modules/novels for DL, such as your SoulForge novel, that conflict with other DL material, such as your Chronicles and Legends, or TotL? and Will you be trying to eliminate such conflicts in the future?

WildChild: Well, or MAY conflict… should’ve been cleared on that, sorry πŸ™‚

Margaret_Weis: Well, my Soulforge book will conflict with the Preludes, but I’m writing Raistlin’s story as I felt he lived it. That’s not to say that the other versions are wrong. The same people can live through the same event and have a totally different perspective.

Margaret_Weis: We’re working to eliminate conflicts, but I think sometimes they’re kind of interesting!

SHADOW_GOBLINGUTS: wooohhhooooo I’m in

Margaret_Weis: next?

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, Ashaman, you’re up next.

Ashaman: First off, soemthing that everyone should be saying(or has said), THANK YOU! You’ve been great(just look at all the DL related names in here!) Allright with that out of the way(same to Tracy too!); Now a question: How long have you been involved with TSR(gaming, writing, dreaming)? And have you ever had a Kender player(other than Tas) that you feel has been played well?

Kistilan: ?

Margaret_Weis: I went to work at TSR in 1983. Before that I did some role-playing with friends. As to the kender, I once played in a game at a convention where the group consisted of six kender and a gnome. The kender were all well played. We had a blast! It was one of my best RPG sessions ever!

Ashaman: Thanks a lot(for the answer and the novels)

Margaret_Weis: You’re welcome. Next?

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, Arkyn, your up next.

Arkyn: I’m surrently reading _The Power of Myth_. What is your notion of a Myth?

Arkyn: currently

TSRO_Mikal: ((Everyone..cut the emotes please…thanks!!))

Margaret_Weis: I’m not sure what you mean. Could you narrow your question?

Arkyn: what would you say a Myth is

Arkyn: what it stands for

Margaret_Weis: I think that myths help us answer questions we all have: why are we here? What is our purpose? Why does evil exist?

Margaret_Weis: That is why every society has its own myths.

Arkyn: Thanks.

Margaret_Weis: Sure. That’s a whole semester question!

Galwylin: ?

Arkyn: sorry for ask such a wierd question, but I had to know

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, AntraSpellweaver, you’re up next.

AntraSpellweaver: First off, thanks for producing the Chronicles trilogy with Mr. Hickman. It got me hooked on reading fantasy novels about 6 years ago (when I was about 11.) Any plans on pre-Cataclysmic novels and novels about the ancestors of the Companions? Also, do you have an e-mail address that people can reach you at?

Margaret_Weis: I like weird questions!:)

asatoph: ?

Margaret_Weis: Don and I are planning to write another book on Raistlin and Caramon: The Mercenary Years. No plans for pre-cataclysm books. People can write to me at

AntraSpellweaver: thank you for your time, great one

Margaret_Weis: Also–sample chapters of The Soulforge are posted on

Margaret_Weis: I like e-mail!:)

Azimuth: ?

Tandem: ?

TSRO_Spidy: Demarr, your up now.

asatoph: ?

Demaar: Ms. Weis, what advice do you have for aspiring writers? Where do you get your ideas?

Margaret_Weis: Detroit.

Tanel: hehe LOL (Sorry.)

asatoph: ?

Demaar: I have to admit, your answer is not quite what i expected.

Margaret_Weis: Actually, the best advice I can give is READ, READ, READ. Write and keep writing. Be patient. My agent used to say that it takes ten years from when you first seriously start writing to when you’re finally published. That was true in my case.

asatoph: ?

Demaar: What do you do in the meantime?

Demaar: (last question)

Margaret_Weis: You write and you send in your work and you save your rejection letters and you send it out again and again and again.

Demaar: thank you. I really appreciate it.

Margaret_Weis: Sure. Good luck!

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, Asatoph, you’re up.

SeventhSon: ?


asatoph: Why did you kill off Tas?

Margaret_Weis: I thought Flint was lonely.

Arkyn: ?

Margaret_Weis: Flint didn’t think he was lonely, but I did!

Azimuth: ?

asatoph: But he was so cool…

Torusanthi: (so was Flint)


Margaret_Weis: And–hey–wasn’t that a neat scene where he meets up with Flint under the tree? I cried.”

fitz: bye

Schieber: me too

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, rasclin, you’re up next.

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: No emotes or comments please πŸ˜€ thanks .

asatoph: I cried too…

Margaret_Weis: Next?

Azimuth: ?

Arkyn: ?

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: rasclin you are up… last call πŸ˜‰

rasclin: Will you be writing any Fifth age material?

SHADOW_GOBLINGUTS: ((i can just picture all of us in a comic book store waiting in line and all the guards are around))

rasclin: Games I mean.

Margaret_Weis: Yes, Tracy and I are writing three 5th Age novels. We have them plotted out. They are so cool. People will be blown away when they find out what has happened to Krynn and what is about to happen.

Margaret_Weis: Next?

rasclin: But any Saga rules material?

Margaret_Weis: No, I don’t think the Saga people want us messing in their rules.:) I like Saga, but Tracy and I are still attached to AD&D.

Margaret_Weis: I like dice!

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, Dizastr, you’re up now.

rasclin: Sorry, bad browser. Thanks!

dizastr: Will the gods as we knew them before the Chaos war return in the 5th Age? Will Raistlin?

Khalar: !(dice rule! :)… sorry)

Margaret_Weis: Ah, there you’ve hit on the very crux of the plot. Needless to say, “NO COMMENT!”

dizastr: thanks for every page.

Margaret_Weis: You’re welcome!

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, Bird_Boy, you’re up.

Bird-boy: how do you keep all your characters and novels and ideas straight? When I try to write anything, I can barely juggle 3 or 4 characters! Also, some of your works show one picture of you, and others show a different one!

TSRO_Spidy: Ok all, we have a very long list, and first time questioners have priority, aprox. 16 first time questioners, so, youse takes your chances on gettting a 2nd question this evening.

Margaret_Weis: I only work on one world at a time. That’s because when I work on a world, I move into that world. The people and surroundings become very real to me. As to my pictures, I have had a lot of hair styles over the years! In 1993 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had chemotherapy and my hair fell out. The short-hair pictures are when it was growing back in!:)

Margaret_Weis: I’ve been cancer-free for four years, by the way!

Malcom_Canmore: Congrats

Bird-boy: ahhh. . .well thanks! cancer would disrupt your worlds!

Bird-boy: bye

Poe: ?

Margaret_Weis: Actually, my worlds kept me going. That and my dear husband.

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, Schieber, you’re up.

Torusanthi: ?

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, when Schieber gets back, it will be his turn, but for now, Demaar, you’re up.

Dethslayer: Demaar isn’t here anymore….. Spidy, Demaar’s not here

Margaret_Weis: Next?

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, missed that, Khalar, you’re up.

Malcom_Canmore: may I go?

Landrian: I dont have any questions.. so Ill just make a comment and listen… Dragons of Summer Flame is my favorite book, and Skie Rocks.

Khalar: Are you going to attempt to “fix” the current state of the DL campaign world?

TSRO_Mikal: ((Folks…protocols are in effect, so please, no emotes and no comments))

Margaret_Weis: Thank you! DoSF is very controversial.

Khalar: Jean Rabe and the Saga System managed to dramatically reshape all of Krynn (not for the better, IMHO).

Margaret_Weis: We’re not going to fix the world so much as explain what is REALLY going on. I think you’ll be surprised. I was when Tracy told me!

Malcom_Canmore: ?

Khalar: Hmmm

Khalar: Ok, thanks

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, Ristamar, you’re next.

Ristamar: what piece of material(s) did you enjoy working on the most and which did you find the most challenging? Also, if you could go back and make changes to any of your previous writings, would you? ( And if so, what would those changes be?)

Sunpacerrr: !

Tanis16: ?

SHADOW_GOBLINGUTS: ((got booted))

Margaret_Weis: The books I’ve loved best are the Star of the Guardian books. I wanted to write them for ten years before I had a chance to do so. I enjoyed DL a lot, too, particularly because of Raistlin. I would always go back and change everything I’ve written! That’s why it makes me uncomfortable to read past works. If you’re ever satisfied completely with a work, that’s the day you stop writing.

Chasity_Goldenbow: ((yea))

Margaret_Weis: Next?

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, Anubis, you’re up. ?

Abnus: When did you know that you wanted to be a writer? What got you interested in Scifi/fantasy?

Sir_Thordiex: ?

Chasity_Goldenbow: ?

Margaret_Weis: I was a storyteller from the time I was little. My kindergarten teacher sat me in front of the class to tell stories to the kids when they were taking their naps. I studied creative writing in college. I read Tolkien in the 60’s and I loved it. I really got interested in writing sci-fi after I saw Star Wars. I wanted to read a book with the same romance and adventure but there were none out there. So I wrote my own.

Abnus: cool thanks

Margaret_Weis: Sure!

TSRO_Spidy: Ok Saphyre, you’re up.

saphyre: Any plans for any other books outside of Dragonlance? Glad to see you writing DL though πŸ™‚ Thanks!

Margaret_Weis: Tracy and I are currently working on the first book in a new series in a world designed by artist Larry Elmore. It is called Sovereign Stone. We’ve just finished book number 1.

Margaret_Weis: There will be an RPG out with it.

Margaret_Weis: We have some great people writing material for us: Doug Niles, Zeb Cook, Jeff Grubb . . .

Ristamar: ?

saphyre: I’ll be looking forward to reading those… Thanks

Margaret_Weis: We’re looking for play testers. If you have a game group and you’d like to play test, send your name and address to

SHADOW_GOBLINGUTS: io got some questions and comments 1.coooollll 2.whats your recipe for fudge cookies

SHADOW_GOBLINGUTS: oooopppsssssy

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, TSRO_Rufflefuzz, you’re up.

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: I have read a lot of your books and know you write solo as well as with other people. I wonder which is easier in your opinion, and how do you divide up the tasks when writing in tandem? /ga

Margaret_Weis: Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. If you write solo, the world is your own. But if you write with someone, you have someone to talk to about the world! When Don and I write, he does the military bits and I do the rest. Then I go back and rewrite all the book so that it has the same voice.

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: Ahhh wonderd how the writing style was the same… Thanks!

Margaret_Weis: You’re welcome.

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, Azimuth, you’re up.

Azimuth: With the success of the DL books, has there ever been any talk of a Movie based on that storyline?

Margaret_Weis: There were some people interested in a movie, but those all fell through. Fox for one was talking about doing a mini-series. And the muppets were also involved.

Margaret_Weis: I always thought a Broadway production would be cool.

Azimuth: Dragon Lance muppets.??? weird concept. Thanks.

Margaret_Weis: Sure. Thanks!

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, Spicy Potato, you’re up next.

The_Spicy_Potato: How do you feel about the new SAGA rules for 5th age compared to the AD&D system? Is there any thoughts of bringing back some or all of the gods to the 5th age? I feel the presence of superior beings really helps a fantasy world. What is your opinion on the presence of gods in fantasy settings, do you feel they help or hinder the growth of the world and the different characters? Will characters like Usha and Palin or others from DoSF be used in future 5th age novels?

Sephiroth.: May i ask you something

The_Spicy_Potato: me?

TSRO_Mikal: ((Folks….ask A question…not 5 in 1…thanks…others would like their chance))

Margaret_Weis: Well, I’m sort of partial to AD&D, but I’ve played Saga and I enjoyed it. As to the return of the gods, if I said anything that would be giving away the plotline for the next three books, so I can’t!:)

Sephiroth.: Who is Margarret Weis??

The_Spicy_Potato: one more idea…

Margaret_Weis: Sure!

The_Spicy_Potato: a troupe of kender who walk around and find stuff

The_Spicy_Potato: do you like it Margaret?

Margaret_Weis: What are these kender doing exactly?

The_Spicy_Potato: picking stuff up and putting it in their pockets hehe

Margaret_Weis: Mmmm. Must not be afflicted kender.:)

Ashaman: ((Seinfeld! The DragonLance story. “it’s a book about nothing!”))

The_Spicy_Potato: nope 4th age

The_Spicy_Potato: no afflicted

Margaret_Weis: I’m not thrilled with afflicted kender.

TSRO_Spidy: Ok Demaar, you’re up next.

Demaar: I asked a question already.

The_Spicy_Potato: afflicted aren’t very neat

TSRO_Spidy: Oops

TSRO_Spidy: DMKender, you’re next.

The_Spicy_Potato: marg thanks for time!

fitz:Where did you get the idea for the hoopak and other kender weapons? And are there plans for an AD&D version of 5th Age? Power to the kender!

Thistletoe: ?

Margaret_Weis: I have no idea who invented the hoopak. One of the original DL group probably. TSR is coming out with an AD&D/5th Age game of the Chaos War. It should be really neat.

fitz:Is that the adventure that converts characters to SAGA?

Margaret_Weis: No, this adventure can be played in AD&D but it will lead into SAGA.

Margaret_Weis: Sort of lure people into SAGA.

Sir_Thordiex: What ever happened to the girl who was supposedly Raistlin’s Daughter? And is she his daughter?

Margaret_Weis: Raistlin says she isn’t. I suppose he knows.”

Sir_Thordiex: ((whoops))

Margaret_Weis: She’s featured in Dragons of Summer Flame.

Khalar: ?

TSRO_Spidy: Ok Tandem, your up next.

Ashaman: !!!!!

Tandem: This has to deal a bit with an earlier question… about the Companions’ ancestors…. there seemed to be something of a story on Raistlin, Caramon, and Kitiara’s mother… do you ever intend to write more about that? (About the mother?)

Thistletoe: Do you know of any agents who are willing to work with beginning writers?

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: Last warning … drop the actions (emotes) guys. Thanks

Margaret_Weis: The new book I’ve written about Raistlin deals with his childhood and his mother.

fitz: yes spreading the news

Xane: Hmmm..

Margaret_Weis: It’s tough finding anyone who will deal with beginning writers. Sigh.

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, Rue_Shadowfax, you’re up next.

Rue_Shadowfax: How often do you play the quest before you finish the book, such as the way Raist was introduced or Flint getting drunk and falling off the log before him and tas got attack by draconian and one last thing, do you think you could play a quest with me online? Est Sularus oth Mithas:)

TSRO_Mikal: Ashaman…your comment

TSRO_Mikal: ((ooops….Spidy beat me))

Margaret_Weis: I don’t really play the story line out. It just runs in my head. I live it with the characters.

Ashaman: I know this isn’t very nice, but constructive critisism. I, personally(and many of my freinds), found that the current path that Dragon Lance has taken is for the worst(with 5th age etc.). I just wanted to say that in my campaign world, I don’t even go past the War of the Lance, actually I go just beyond it. When the Dragon armies are around, but not as up-front. Sorry for the bashing, but I just figured it had to be said.

Margaret_Weis: I don’t dare start a game on line. I’d never make my deadlines!:)

Margaret_Weis: I think you’re going to be very interested in 5th Age once you find out what’s happened!:)

Ashaman: Well, ya never know!

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, Seventhson, you’re next.

SeventhSon: When the gods left Krynn with the dead following them, will their conflict go to a higher spiritual level like a Planescape theme or will there be a New Krynn for their fighting? Also, where do the 5th Age dead go?

Thistletoe: ?

SeventhSon: And I just want to say thanks; you were my second read after The Hobbit and I haven’t stopped yet πŸ™‚

Margaret_Weis: Since this deals with the plots for the next three novels (tentatively titled, The War of Souls), I must respectfully say, “No Comment!:)”

SeventhSon: I understand completely about the No Comment πŸ™‚

valther: go live

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, smoker, you’re up.

smoker: What do you see happening in RPGs and DL in the future? And what do you think are the PROs and CONs of DL today compared to when you wrote the Dragonlance Adventurers Hardcover? I’ve been out of the loop for a while. And how do you work with another writer? Does one writer write one chapter and another write another, or do you work together on a chapter?

Jass: Breathe, smoker…. you need to breathe…

TSRO_Mikal: ((People…don’t sneak multiple questions in…one question only…))

Margaret_Weis: I think RPGs suffered a bit because of the Magic craze, but I think Magic players are starting to look for something more substantial and RPGs are a natural. As for working with another writer, Don writes the military bits and I do the rest. Then I rewrite the book to give it one voice.

smoker: Mikal, sorry.

smoker: Margaret, thanks!

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, Poe, you’re up.

TSRO_Mikal: ((Okay…kind time is over…next violations will get you moved/killed….))

Margaret_Weis: I had better sign off soon. I’ve got to get up early tomorrow. Any questions that simply must be asked?!:)

TSRO_Mikal: ((This applies to everyone))

The_Spicy_Potato: ?

Ristamar: ?

Malcom_Canmore: ?

Chasity_Goldenbow: What was your first reaction after writing Dragons Of Autumn Twilight did you ever think it would hit it this big and the same with all of your other wonderfull novels you have writen and co-written

Torusanthi: ?

Sir_Thordiex: Goodbye Ms. Weis.

Poe: Is there anything more planned for the Darksword series?

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: Alright spidy… one more?

Fyher_Bestamer: I only have seven books written on DragonLance and have only read three of them. I’m starting the Dragons of Autumn Twilight very soon…

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: PROTOCOLS are still in effect all

Margaret_Weis: We knew we had something special when we wrote DL but we never imagined it would be this big. As to Darksword, we have a sequel out called Legacy of the Darksword. That’s it for that world.

Kistilan: ?

TSRO_Spidy: Ok, sunpaccer, your up after this question from Poe has been answered. and that will be all, I am sorry for those that didn’t get your asked, but, Margaret must go.

Chasity_Goldenbow: thank you weis and i will continue reading and enjoying all your wonderfull books

Sergey: .?

Sergey: great

Fyher_Bestamer: DragonLance books are excellent!

Margaret_Weis: Any of you who have questions that didn’t get answered can e-mail me. Goodnight!

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: Shhhh please… sunpacer

Tanel: Thank you and don’t EVER stop writing

Torusanthi: Good night

Malcom_Canmore: Night!

Galwylin: Thanks for coming, Margaret and I look forward to the Soulforge!! ;D

TSRO_Spidy: Ok Sunpacerr, you’re up, go.

Volt: ‘Night

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: Alright everyone… lets give a round to Margaret..

Tati: good night, Margaret…

Arkyn: Thanks for your time Ms. Weis

Margaret_Weis: wow!

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: Thanks for joining us!!!!

Iradak: bye bye

Tati: Great “listening” to you πŸ™‚

Margaret_Weis: Hugs all around!

Khalar: Thanks a lot!

NetRider: thanks, love the work

The_Spicy_Potato: Ill miss you my favorite Margaret Weis

Volt: It was very informative πŸ˜‰

Ristamar: thank you for your time, Mrs. Weis….

The_Spicy_Potato: thanks for your time

hexonxonx: Bye!

Landrian: May the gods favor you ma’lady.

WildChild: Please come back again, Mrs. Weis. πŸ™‚

Thistletoe: Farewell.

The_Spicy_Potato: you rule

Azimuth: Thanks, I hope that the movie thing will happen.

Dethslayer: bye

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: Sigh, and we didn’t even get into the Death Gate stuff, or Rose of the Prophet or…;)

Beryllis: bye Margaret

Ristamar: i know ruffle….

TSRO_Rufflefuzz: Come back again πŸ˜€

Arkyn: I know Rufflefuzz…

SHU: bye

TSRO_Spidy: Thank you Margaret for the time, it was very interesting. Please come back again when you can. Ruffle> I had a question on DeathDoor, alas…

dizastr: goodnight

Margaret_Weis: {leaves}

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