Magic Items

All magical items listed in the Dragonlance Campaign Setting function as is in Pathfinder with the following exceptions:

Blue Crystal Staff

Replace cure minor wounds with stabilize.


The Ghost Blade
Replace the fourth sentence of the write-up with the following:
“This aura causes the wielder to appear shadowy and indistinct, as well as muffling surrounding sound, granting the wielder a +10 circumstance bonus on Stealth checks as long as the blade is unsheathed.”

Hammer of Kharas
The Hammer of Kharas is a +4 courageous defending disruption warhammer. The owner of the Hammer of Kharas gains a +10 bonus to all Craft (weapons) checks, and gains the Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat without having to meet any of the prerequisites. A dwarf who holds the Hammer of Kharas is immune to fear. They also receive a +8 to all Charisma-based skill checks involving dwarves, and a +8 bonus to their Leadership score when attracting a dwarven cohort and followers.

Alignment LG; Ego 28
Senses darkvision 120 ft., blind-sense, hearing
Int 11, Wis 17, Cha 20
Communication speech, telepathy
Languages Common, Dwarven
Greater Powers cure critical wounds on wielder 1/day, 10 ranks in Craft (weapons)
Lesser Powers detect evil 3/day, bull’s strength on wielder 1/day, prayer 1/day, protection from arrows 1/day
Special Purpose Defend all Dwarves; Dedicated Power Spell Turning (CL 17th)

If the Hammer of Kharas is ever used to forge a darklance, it will permanently melt into a puddle of metal that once hardened, cannot be melted down again.

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