Lord Soth Returns to Ravenloft!

Major changes are definitely in the works at Wizards of the Coast, from a new president to a new edition. However, one bit of news caught even us by surprise. Lord Soth is returning to Ravenloft!

"If you thought that Soth’s death in Dragons of a Vanished Moon meant his demise, you’re wrong," our source said. "Market research has indicated that we could actually do something with Ravenloft if only we had Soth. Turns out that most people age 15 – 35 feel that Strahd is just an overused Dracula ripoff. With Soth as our major baddie, the goth folks will eat this up. So take that, White Wolf!"

"I am so stoked," fan commentator Talinthas said. "Soth’s death was lame. Everybody knows he was cooler in Ravenloft anyway."

Reports state that Ausric Krell may become one of the dark lords of Ravenloft, following in Soth’s footsteps. According to one vastly unreliable source, Krell will become the centerpiece for a wedding and floral show.

"This Krell thing is going to bomb worse than Murder at the Tower of High Sorcery," Tal says. "I mean, how many times can you do the same thing without it being lame? What’s next, Mina getting a domain of dread?"

There is no word at this time whether James Lowder will pen the new series, tentatively titled Attack of the Killer Potted Plants.

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Trampas “Dragonhelm” Whiteman is best known for co-creating and administering the Dragonlance Nexus fan site. He is co-author of three Dragonlance books – Holy Orders of the Stars, Knightly Orders of Ansalon, and Races of Ansalon. When not evangelizing Dragonlance and other settings, Trampas is a husband, father, podcaster, and web designer. Trampas also enjoys reading comics, reading fantasy and scifi novels, and playing D&D.
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