Entrant in the 2011 Nexus Design-A-Villain Contest

Name: Ksarksoth
Other Names: The First Seat of the Black Legions, the Executioner (among the other Seats of the Legions)
Birth Date: Unknown- sometime at the Age of Dreams, between the First and Second Dragon Wars
Distinguishing Features and Mannerisms: : Ksarksoth is a male lich. He looks like a skeleton shrouded with black tatters, so no one know which race he was before the accident which made him what he is today. He is 6.5′ tall and weights, practically, almost nothing. Although his face is merely a skull, his eye sockets burns with green light. He is very polite, intelligent and cold and almost never meets with mortals, prefer to send his Second and Third Seats to communicate with his “costumers”. He sees everyone and everything as tools for his plans, including the gods.
Wealth & Social Status: Ksarksoth is, infect, one of the richest people at Ansalon. He hires his Black Legions for anyone who asks, and for any price. He sends the Second Seat to create strife, so people will always need his mercenaries

Bio: No one knows when Ksarksoth was born, not even the other Seats of the Black Legions. What they do know is that he was one of the first people to use the wild magic born from the Greygem. At that time, he wasn’t one of the most powerful sorcerers, and he in fact was a good person, who looked for a way to improve people’s life using his new powers. And yet, his powers were the ones who brought his downfall.

It was in a middle of the Second Dragon War. He doesn’t remember what exactly happened- only that he fought a dragon, all of his companions, their bodies scattered around him. He remembers the dragon breath fire, which burned his body. He remembers that he called upon his wild powers, hoping to take his opponent with him.

And then, something happened.

Somehow, the wild energy linked him into the life force of his dead friends, absorbing them. Then, the wild energies started to absorb the life power of the dragon, and then an explosion of negative energy happened, and when the battle was over, Ksarksoth became what he is today- the first lich on the face of Krynn.

Shocked, Ksarksoth searched for a way to undo what happened to him. He spent centuries seeking after a way to return to life, and found nothing. Out of anger, he decided that if he can’t live, then everyone else needed to die.

And after few days of terror, he was stopped by Vinas Solamnus, which almost killed him – again.

After the battle, he went into a deep sleep, hiding from all. Only after the War of Souls, when Takhisis called for all the dead souls to fight for her, the lich awaken, and yet he was free from her will. After the end of the war, Ksarksoth decided to use a new strategy- instead of fighting the living directly, he will create an army of mercenaries, called the Black Legions, made of mystics, sorcerers and undead, and will create strife so people will need his army. Then, when everyone will be depended on his Black Legions, he will turn against his “costumers”, kill them all and use their life force in order to become something above the gods themselves- to become the new High God.

In order to achieve this target, he did two things. First, he found an ancient artifact crafted by unknown spellcaster, named the Gaming Board, which allows him to hide himself from the gods. And second ,he gathered the 12 of the most powerful undead which were not bound to any god, 10 more exactly. One is infect a flesh golem which he imbued with sentience and the other is mortal necromancer which separated his heart from his body to gain some sort of immortality), and the most famous ones are Lilin the Second Seat (ghost with the ability to possess dead bodies and make them look alive), Aendre the Third (a vampire lord with a ring which protects him from sunlight) and the Forth, Death Knight named Solomon Vina (who is, infect, Vinas Solamnus. Ironic, Don’t you think?) And now, he use the Second and Third Seats to gather more and more sorcerers and mystics (which aren’t bound by any god) to create more and more undead in black armor.

For now, he sits quietly at his headquarter, Dargaard Keep (which he reconstruct after Soth’s death), gathering power, create strife, and binds people to his contracts..
After all, you can’t live for three ages without becoming patient.

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