Krynn Minotaurs [AD&D]

Generating Abilities: The initial ability rolls are modified by a -2 penalty to Intelligence and Charisma and a +2 bonus to Strength and Constitution. Note that the maximum Constitution score is 19, and the maximum Strength score for non-fighters is 18. For fighters, each bonus point above 18 is applied as a 25% bonus to the percentile roll for exceptional strength, with a maximum possible score of 18/00.

Ability minimums and maximums:

Str – Min 12, Max 18
Int – Min 5, Max 18
Wis – Min 3, Max 16
Dex – Min 8, Max 18
Con – Min 12, Max 19
Cha – Min 3, Max 16

Classes Allowable:

CLERIC – (6)
Druid – no
Paladin – no
Ranger – no
Illusionist – no
Assassin – 8
MONK – no
BARD – no

Minotaur clerics (NPC only) invariably worship only one god: Sargas (Sargonnas the Red Condor).

Natural Armor Class: 8 (leathery hide). Minotaurs may not wear body armor. (Well, they can but it won’t help their AC.)

Hit Points: In addition to their hit die roll by class, minotaurs receive 5 bonus hit points at first level.

Alignment: Minotaurs tend toward lawful evil. PC minotaurs may be of any alignment.

Special Damage: In lieu of weapons, in any round a minotaur can butt an opponent of 6′ or more in height, or bite a shorter one, the former attack doing 2-8, the latter 1-4, points of damage. When using weapons, they prefer to use a huge two-handed axe (D1-10/2-12) or a flail (D4-9/4-10).

Special Advantages: Minotaurs are surprised only on a 1. They can track prey by scent 50% of the time. They are immune to maze spells and receive a +3 bonus to their morale scores (including saves vs. magical fear). They have 60′ infravision.

Special Disadvantages: Minotaurs take damage as large creatures.

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  1. Philippe willaume

    Here is what I have found in the campaign’s settings of the second edition (page 68 and 76) of Dragonlance adventures and talandas (P32). IE for the second edition.
    Minotaur are large creature, over 7 feet in general and up to 8 and half feet tall and about 350 lbs (no max giving 450 lbs seems right they weight and very muscular and highly intelligent. In Krynn they are descendants of Irda (ogres). So, they are what ogres were intended to be intelligent and cunning. They can live up to 150 years.
    They worship Sargas (sorgonas for the rest of the world) and a few worship kiri Jolith.
    Minotaurs are driven and place a hight value on honour. They see themselves as superior to all other races (the Solamnic Knights being the exception due to military prowesses and how the later consider honour). Minotaurs believe they are destined to rule the world. They are ruthless in battle and cold in justice (they tend to be lawful evil after all) and cunning in politics.
    Family and family honour primes above all else, followed by the kingdom honour. Ritual and judicial combat in the circus is a fundamental building block of the society. (Basically, the blood seas minotaur kingdom a mix of Klingon and Romans)
    In that setting as far as I can tell, they have no natural attacks (which makes sense and gore attacks are likely to get you killed)/
    They are probably the best sailors and ship builders on Krynn.

    They have the following bonuses
    +2 in strength and constitution
    -2 in wisdom and charisma.
    They have keen senses especially odorant and earing hence:
    • They are proficient at tracking skill (and without the -6)
    • They are surprised on a 1
    Their mvt is 12” and their size is large.

    Char min max
    Str – Min 12, Max 20
    Int – Min 5, Max 18
    Wis – Min 3, Max 16
    Dex – Min 8, Max 18
    Con – Min 12, Max 20
    Cha – Min 3, Max 16 (though tabl

    Classes max
    Fighter and barbarian= unlimited
    Ranger= 8
    Wizard of high sorcery=14
    And holly order of the stars (cleric)= 10
    All the other classes are not eligible

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