Krynn Minotaurs [AD&D]

Generating Abilities: The initial ability rolls are modified by a -2 penalty to Intelligence and Charisma and a +2 bonus to Strength and Constitution. Note that the maximum Constitution score is 19, and the maximum Strength score for non-fighters is 18. For fighters, each bonus point above 18 is applied as a 25% bonus to the percentile roll for exceptional strength, with a maximum possible score of 18/00.

Ability minimums and maximums:

Str – Min 12, Max 18
Int – Min 5, Max 18
Wis – Min 3, Max 16
Dex – Min 8, Max 18
Con – Min 12, Max 19
Cha – Min 3, Max 16

Classes Allowable:

CLERIC – (6)
Druid – no
Paladin – no
Ranger – no
Illusionist – no
Assassin – 8
MONK – no
BARD – no

Minotaur clerics (NPC only) invariably worship only one god: Sargas (Sargonnas the Red Condor).

Natural Armor Class: 8 (leathery hide). Minotaurs may not wear body armor. (Well, they can but it won’t help their AC.)

Hit Points: In addition to their hit die roll by class, minotaurs receive 5 bonus hit points at first level.

Alignment: Minotaurs tend toward lawful evil. PC minotaurs may be of any alignment.

Special Damage: In lieu of weapons, in any round a minotaur can butt an opponent of 6′ or more in height, or bite a shorter one, the former attack doing 2-8, the latter 1-4, points of damage. When using weapons, they prefer to use a huge two-handed axe (D1-10/2-12) or a flail (D4-9/4-10).

Special Advantages: Minotaurs are surprised only on a 1. They can track prey by scent 50% of the time. They are immune to maze spells and receive a +3 bonus to their morale scores (including saves vs. magical fear). They have 60′ infravision.

Special Disadvantages: Minotaurs take damage as large creatures.

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