Kendragon Edge in Close Win Over Trapspringers When Actual Dragon Appears to Interfere

by Crown-Keeper, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Gildember 31, 426 AC

This week’s highlight game of Kender Keep Away was one of the most meaningful ever played. The Trapspringers were playing away at the Kendragon’s home field, located in the lair of a brass dragon. The dragon, having been away for some time, returned in the middle of the match, causing quite an uproar. The Trapspringers, having 46 points at the time, were quite depressed, and wanted to continue the match. The Kendragons decided it didn’t matter either way and so the match continued.

However, the farmer acting as the Kender soon went to the brass dragon for help, and in the end neither team could keep the hat being used as a ball for longer than 3 minutes. The unlucky farmer was relieved of his breeches and dragged into town, where he became the laughingstock of everyone within sight. After playing several more rounds, in which the Trapspringer’s captain Hillfoot Dunderwell managed to throw the hat sideways. He said he had learned this from a gnome who called it a ‘frisbee.’ The Kendragon’s own Hannoch Icentoe was able to hide the hat for an additional 20 minutes alone.

When the game was over, the Kendragons came out on top, edging in 5 extra points with a magnificent taunt that left the farmer completely unable to function: “Have you been fighting monsters? You do have a big hole in your- those are your eyes and mouth? Oh I’m so sorry, they looked like they ruined your face, you must be ugly as a dead dwarf naturally.”. ‘Till next time sports fans and kender fans, I’m CK and this is the Palanthas Herald.

Final Score: Trapspringers: 184, Kendragons: 189, Rounds: 17

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