Kender Confirmed in Dungeon Master’s Guide!

Dungeon Master's GuideIn an interview today, Mike Mearls confirmed that the Warforged of Eberron and the Kender of Dragonlance will be featured in a section for optional races in the 5E Dungeon Master’s Guide.

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  1. this is awesome, Imi hoping to run a new Dragonlance run set in 437 AC, with D&D Next, can´t wait

  2. Now for some DL source material/rule set to allow the current modules to be “adapted” for DL with DL character classes. Anyone else find it kind of familiar, 5 headed evil dragoness god trying to get into a world….

    • I mean, yeah. The entire module set feels like the War of the Lance rewritten to fit into the Forgotten Realms campaign world. On the one hand, that makes me feel very meh about it, since I would rather run Dragonlance and the War of the Lance campaign. On the other hand, when I consider a Spelljammer campaign, it makes me imagine a campaign in which all these events are happening simultaneously as Takhisis/Tiamat tries to break through into all the worlds from multiple fronts…

      Five heads? Five worlds?

  3. can i play a kender in 5th ed.

    • Absolutely, Randy!

      As it turns out, kender got cut from the DMG due to space. But, you could easily convert a halfling. If you have one of the final playtest packets, there are kender stats in there. Or, you can visit us at and get some advice from other players.

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