Kencyclopedia: Third Edition Kender Handbook

Kencyclopedia Cover

The definitive resource for roleplaying kender in your Dragonlance Campaign, the Kencyclopedia is a collection of all things kender. This book includes racial stats for seven types of kender, prestige classes, monsters, magic items, articles on roleplaying kender effectively and EVERYTHING kender.

  • Chapter 1: Find out just what kender are and sit back and listen to the tale of their origin.
  • Chapter 2: Learn all about the kender lifestyle, including detailed information on kender justice, holidays, kender at war and kender class and station.
  • Chapter 3: Get third edition racial stats to play seven different races of kender, including the kender of the mysterious third continent of Krynn!
  • Chapter 4: Learn all about the cities and villages where kender dwell and explore their extensive histories.
  • Chapter 5: Can kender be Wizards? Rangers? Monks? Find out with detailed descriptions concerning kender and their player classes.
  • Chapter 6: Select from seven new kender prestige classes, including The Disciple of Fizban and the Knights of Hylo.
  • Chapter 7: Articles on How to Play a Kender, How to Handle Handling, Kender Weapons and Kender Feats.
  • Chapter 8: Seven new kender creatures from Goatsuckers to Kender Vampires.
  • Chapter 9: Kender magic items of all types and sizes.

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