Keen III

Entrant in the 2011 Nexus Design-A-Villain Contest

Name: Commander Keen III
Other Names: Keen the Destroyer
Birth Date: Vingaard Keep, 47 SC (430 AC)
Wealth & Social Status: Poor, hero in Vingaard Keep

Distinguishing Features and Mannerisms:

  • Race – Human
  • Gender – male
  • Height – 5’8"
  • Weight – 220
  • Eye color – silver
  • Hair color – red
  • Skin Color – light
  • Build – muscular
  • Scars – on his left arm
  • Personality – wants good for his people, but wants to destroy Solamnia for the war brought to Vingard Keep

Bio: Vingaard Keep is destroyed during a melee between Emperor Jaymes Markham and Lord Kerrigan leaving Vingaard Keep and the people living there to face the world being the Age of Mortal by them self’s a hero comes to Vingaard Keep but also turns into the destroyer of good in his followers eyes. Keen III watched as Vingaard was destroyed by the Solamnic people during the war between Markham and Lord Kerrigan vowing to have revenge for his parents’ deaths. After the Keep was left by the Solamnian armies they people who lived with the Keep had no protector or any of the basic valuables to live. Keen III rallied his people and rebuild Vingaard Keep and gave all his wealth to build an army for Vingaard. Before the destruction of Vingaard, Keen and his family were the richest family in the keep. As Keen III regained Vingaard as an honorable place, he started the gears of war to take revenge on Solamnia. Keen the destroyer rolled into the towns a round his keep destroying them making the town men his slaves. Keen the destroyer still has not taken his revenge, he waits silently to take all the land of Solamnia for his own. As King of Vingaard, Keen the destroyer has made allies with Mina and her God Chemosh in a bold attempt that Chemosh will keep his promise and give him power over the dead. This promise was given, but not how Keen thought, keen turned into a deathknight; having power to destroy Solamnia once and for all.

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  • Memorable Quotes

    Honor is not something to be spent or used, but to be kept. The key to honor is to keep it, always, and pass it on as a heritage to one’s son.

    — Vinas Solamnus, Vinas Solamnus