Kaz the Minotaur, A Journey of Exploration

“I’ve always wanted to return to Kaz and tell more of his story. Now, I’ve found a way to reveal a small piece of it, hopefully the first tale of several.”

– Richard Knaak

With a statement like that how can fans of Kaz the Minotaur, or even just of Dragonlance, not rejoice? To hear that not only is Kaz returning, but he is returning in a way to continue the tale that began in the Third Dragon War, and one that many that had ended when the novel production from Wizards of the Coast ended.

Even here at the Dragonlance Nexus, we could not believe that our favorite minotaur character would sit on the shelf indefinitely with a tale left untold of how the hero minotaur sought out a new beginning. It was a beginning that would result in the creation of a new culture and break age age-old stereotypes of minotaurs. No more wandering in mazes, or living in classical Greek cities, this new thought would embrace the idea of minotaurs as explorers.

Alas, though we never got to experience this, and in fact it looked like the tale would simply remain a speculation of legend. How did the colonists with Kaz create a new world, what hardships did they endure along the way, and what exactly is their story?

When Richard Knaak first approached the Dragonlance Nexus to have us work with him on the story, we were in a bit of shock. Here we are, just some small Dragonlance fan group, chugging along creating a few products on the DMs Guild, and we are approached by one of the most notable Dragonlance authors in the history of Dragonlance. The man who wrote The Legend of Huma wanted to team with us to create something unique, an adventure that goes along with the story.

The story starts with Kaz searching out a new home. How it ends, well that is up to you to see. In addition, Richard Knaak provided us with ideas for an adventure based on the story. We took those ideas sprinkled in a few of ours to bring it together and we have the first collaborative adventure story that we have ever created.

In addition to this we have provided a history of the minotaur race as previous histories were spread throughout numerous books and took time to painstakingly to piece all those together into one that flowed. Also, we added in some rules for mechanics, such as ancestral traits, classes, and even a new set of light ship rules that are aimed at keeping the action in the front. All of these are tied into a nautical type of release.

In this product, we hope that you find the same delight we experienced when we first saw the story and the possibilities it created. At the end, we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to explore this time of Dragonlance and look forward to the future.

“I think that the Lost Colony project has turned out to be a great way to bring both fans and myself back up to date on where we left Kaz, and friends will open up the rest of his grand adventure to come.”

– Richard Knaak

This is the first story adventure in the series, that which will continue to explore others from the time of Kaz and, dare I say, Huma.

The Journals of Kaz the Minotaur: The Lost Colony

Kaz Cover

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