Jenna of Palanthas: Gorgeous at Over 60 Summers

by Trampas Whiteman, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Gildember 24, 426 AC

The Conclave of Wizards has announced that Jenna of Palanthas, Master of the Orders of High Sorcery, will be making an appearance at the upcoming Duel of the Apprentices.

“Jenna is an amazing woman,” Red Robe spokesperson Jules Larish said. “She’s over 60 summers old (though I wouldn’t mention that to her), and we have a hard time keeping up with her. She doesn’t show her age at all, and I daresay she is still beautiful.”

So how does Jenna do it? “Part of it is just the invigorating power of magic. Part of it is her natural charm and grace.”

“Jenna also has a wonderful fashion designer. I’m afraid I can’t name names, as Jenna is very private about her designer. I can say that her designer is an artist at heart, and has a talent for accentuating the female form. Jenna begins with the standard Red Robes of her order, but she personalizes it. Jenna prefers a slightly lighter shade of red, bordering on a nice feminine dusty rose. A long veil flows from her head. Jenna’s robes and veil are embroidered with a rose pattern that is quite popular with the ladies of Palanthas these days. Some say Jenna started the trend. Jenna also accentuates her attire with traditional spell components and wands.”

As for social activity, Larish states that Jenna is too busy with the re-establishment of the Orders of High Sorcery for much of that. She and Dalamar are no longer an item, though the two remain “close friends”. Jenna will be visiting Coryn the White while in the Palanthas region. It is unknown whether or not Coryn will make the Duel.

Our reporters tried getting an interview with Jenna, but she declined. Larish states that Jenna is anxiously awaiting the Duel of the Apprentices, and that she encourages the citizens of Palanthas to see magic for themselves.

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