Istarian Bounty Hunter Price List

Dear Astinus,

Prior to the fall of Istar, bounty hunters, working under the Proclamation of Manifest Virtue, would bring in those the Kingpriest deemed to be “evil.” The following is a sample bounty list recuperated from the pages of the Lorebook of Jonas Steelforge detailing prices placed on such fugitives.


Adriani of the White Robes

Bounty Hunter Price List
Fugitive Bounty
Dwarves 35 GP
Elves 35 GP
Half-Breeds 20 GP
Kender 15 GP
Minotaurs 75 GP
Ogres 75 GP
Heathens* 100 GP
Mages 1,000 GP

*Most bounty hunters just grab any human from the street and call them heathens. They are then drug in for the gold.

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  1. I just ran across some old gaming notes from my friend, Dave Miller’s, Cataclysm-era game (entitled The Fallen). This is the game where my Dragonhelm moniker came from.

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