Ill Omens?

My dear Herald,

I’m so glad to hear the reports of your demise were exaggerated. I suppose like Emma and her companion, you can survive even the most fantastic misadventures.

Our mutual friend Rose Knight Linsha Majere recently visited Schallsea. She introduced Goldmoon to a new friend–a talking owl of great intelligence! Linsha mentioned that her father and brother, Palin and Ulin Majere of Solace, have been having strange nightmares of late… dreams of the Academy of Sorcery being burned to the ground and Palin being crippled. The dreams have also featured visions of fading magic. These dreams are a bit hard to dismiss as simple phantasms of the mind as both men have had nearly identical dreams in recent months. Linsha requested that mystics be dispatchched to investigate. Linsha herself intends to escort Princess Mercy Redic safely back to the Imperial Court. The young princess has mastered her Powers of Heart, and both she and First Mystic Goldmoon agree it’s time for her to return home.

Mercy and Goldmoon’s ward Mina have become quite good friends. Mina will probably visit the princess some time in the months to come. I myself have been feeling an urge to travel, for the first time in decades. Perhaps I will go with her to see what has changed on Northern Ergoth since I was last there nearly a century ago. If I decide to travel, my next dispatch may well come from there. Or perhaps our paths will cross?

Iryl Songbrook
Writing in the Citadel of Light, Schallsea

About Steve Miller

Steve Miller lives, writes, and watches way too many movies in Washington State. He started his professional writing career doing feature articles and reviews, but soon detoured into writing roleplaying games. With a little luck, he'll be balancing criticism and more creative writing in the years to come.
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