How Much Are the Disks of Mishakal Worth?

Have you ever wondered what the Disks of Mishakal would be worth? I did the calculations, and they would be worth $26,125,557.12 for the platinum alone. And that’s not even including the bolt that holds them together! I’m guessing they didn’t skimp on the bolt, either.


These are platinum disks 18 inches in diameter. Each disk is 1/16 inch thick. There are 160 of these plates in all. A bolt passes through one side of the plates, allowing each to swivel out and be viewed while keeping the stack together. Each of the plates is engraved on both sides.

DL1 Dragons of Despair, by Tracy Hickman


  • Each Disk of Mishakal = 15.9 cubic inches
  • 160 disks = 2,544 cubic inches
  • A cubic inch of platinum weighs 11.31 oz
  • Today’s platinum price = $908/oz
  • So, 2544 cubic inches * 11.31 oz/cubic inch * $908 = $26,125,557.12
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  1. What is the theoretical force of say the largest citadel falling out of the sky? Of course you would have to estimate size and height of the fall.

  2. Nice calculations

  3. How much would the Disks fetch in the black markets of Palanthas??

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