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As I start prepping for this week’s episode of “50 Years in the Dungeon,” I figured it was time for me to share last week’s cartoon homage with folks. I was already a longtime fan of Larry Elmore‘s… and my admiration has only DEEPENED while doing an interpretation of his work.

I knew this was going to be challenging—first of all because the image is deceptively complex (there’s a lot going on in what at first just seems like a picture of three adventurers). Secondly because in order to do it justice, I had to not just get the figures right, I had to find a way to honor Larry’s inimitable style in my cartoony adaptation.

In the end, I think I did an okay job … but in my heart, I wanted to do even better. But that’s what happens when you try to walk in the footsteps of giants.

Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Larry Elmore
Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Larry Elmore
Autumn Twilight Homage by Stan!
Dragons of Autumn Twilight Homage by Stan!

About Stan!

Stan! is the award-winning author of 2 novels, 15 short stories, more than 60 gaming products, and innumerable cartoons and comics. He is currently the Senior Producer for Super Genius Entertainment. In times past, he has been an Associate Art Director for West End Games, an Editor and Game Designer for TSR, Inc., a Senior Designer and Producer for Wizards of the Coast, and a Creative Content Manager for Upper Deck Entertainment. Stan! is a founding member of both The Game Mechanics, Inc. and Super Genius Games. He also has done freelance writing and design for companies ranging from Green Ronin and Malhavoc Press to Viz Media and Harper Collins Children’s Books.

Stan! lives in Kent, WA, where he hopes one day to be the owner of a Sony Aibo robot dog. You can find him several places online including 10x10Toon.com (his irregularly updated webcomic), SuperGeniusGames.com, Dungeonaday.com, and Stannex.com (which remains the Home of All Things Stan!).

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