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Bitter Dino [General]

You’ve been a Dragonlance fan longer than most and you’re sick of it all.
Prerequisite: Dino, member of either the Dragonlance-L mailing list or (AFDL) newsgroup, must have been the cause of at least one flame war.
Benefit: You gain the rage ability of a 1st-level barbarian when confronting any newbie who says, “Raistlin is kewl!”

Blood [General]

“Bah, clueless lemons!”
Prerequisites: Dragonlance Deviant, Outsider, Skill Focus (Planescape)
Benefit: You can use confuse or taunt Krynnophiles at will. Krynnophiles must make a Will save DC equal to 10 + your ranks in Knowledge (Planescape).
If this is successful, they must make another Will save DC 20 to avoid getting furious at your refusal to believe that Dragonlance is the center of everything.

Boomstick Initiative [General]

Prerequisite: Chatter of the Unofficial, must know Ravenmantle and B’naa very well.
Benefit: Your entry into the chat room sets off a chain reaction where B’naa shoots Ravenmantle and Ravenmantle dies. If Sephzero or Khirsah are in the chat room, Sephzero will bury Ravenmantle’s body, and Khirsah will revive him.
Special: If all of the above occur in a non-standard fashion (more descriptive then stated here), you suffer a laughing panic for one full round, and suffer a -2 penalty to your AC when attacked by a chat antic.
Drawbacks: B’naa and Ravenmantle must be present for the intial reaction to occur, or else be greeted in a normal fashion.

Breath of Malys [General]

Your well-picked words are said in such a way as to cause flame wars.
Benefit: Add your Intelligence bonus to attempts to incite a flame war, including Diplomacy and Bluff checks.

Cam’s Grace [General]

Cam Banks’ rulesy goodness is wearing off on you.
Prerequisite: Must have read at least three posts by Cam Banks where he clarifies a rules question. Must have read at least one post by Cam Banks that shows the historical evolution of the rules.
Benefit: Gain a +3 bonus to all Knowledge (gaming) checks. Knowledge (gaming) is considered a class skill for you.

Canon Fodder [General]

You get wrapped up in debates of canon to such a degree that your head explodes.
Prerequisite: Must own a copy of Wild Elves.
Benefit: Do 1d6 points of brainy goodness damage to all those within 10 feet as your head explodes from a canon debate.

Champion of Coryn (General)

Prerequisites: Own a copy of Wizard’s Conclave and read it at least twice.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on Will saves against anyone who disses Coryn.
Drawback: You fight to the death for Coryn’s honor and right as Head of the White Robes.

Chatter of the Unofficial [General]

Prerequisite: Must chat in B’naa’s unofficial room regularly, and know everyone in the chat room very well.
Benefit: You gain a +4 for all survival checks pertaining to chat topics.

(Craft Item) Alternate Ambient Spellcaster [General]

You are never happy with the way the sorcerers and mystics are portrayed and constantly seek to “re-invent” them.
Prerequisites: Must have the Saga Champion feat and must have played a sorcerer (and or a mystic) under the Fifth Age rules in at least one Fifth Age campaign.
Benefit: When crafting either a new variant sorcerer or mystic you +4 competence bonus to your bluff check to convince others to “take it for a spin”.
Drawback: You suffer a -2 penalty to any Knowledge (history) check made to recall how messed up the spellcasting was during the Fifth Age or to accurately recall facts related to their identity.

(Craft Item) Newbie Confusion [General]

You can create threads that cause newbies to become confused.
Prerequisite: Must have been a member on these boards for two months or have over 100 posts.
Benefit: Not to be confused with items of gender confusion, threads crafted with newbie confusion leaves a person uncertain if they are the DL fan they thought they were. Those who most often succumb to Newbie Confusion are long time fans with small post counts, frequent posters with little DL knowledge, readers who do not game, and gamers who do not read. This confusion lasts as long as the member continues to read posts in the thread that caused the Newbie Confusion.

Defender of the Gnomes [General]

You will defend any kind of Drgaonlance Gnome against any attack by a forum member.
Benefit:You often know obscure bits of info about Gnomes and gain a +4 to all knowledge checks about anything Gnomish.

Dino [General]

You’ve been a Dragonlance fan longer than most.
Prerequisite: Member of either the Dragonlance-L mailing list or (AFDL) newsgroup.
Benefit: You gain a +3 bonus to all Will saves made to stave off going mad after reading any post concerning Raistlin.

Dragonlance Convert [General]

You are a recently converted fan. Your insider knowledge of another D&D setting allows you great leverage when comparing the two settings, or simply annoying people around you.
Prerequisite: Poster of the Flame. Bluff (5 ranks). You must have spent a year of your life as a frothing fanboy dedicated to another official D&D or AD&D setting.
Benefit: You can cause fans of other settings to rage (as per Poster of the Flame), without drawing the wrath of the moderators yourself.
Special: You can take this feat multiple times. It’s effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, its effects apply to a different setting.

Dragonlance Deviant [General]

You are not a typical DL Fan.
Prerequisite: Two Knowledge Skills in something other than DL.
Benefit: You can take concepts that are either not known for DL or noticable and find a way to make it acceptable. Automatically negates any penalty for bringing up a topic that is not common for DL canon.

Dragonlance Heretic [Martinian]

“Canon? Canon?!?! We don’t need no stinkin’ canon!”
Prerequisite: Must be familiar with at least three contradictions in Dragonlance material.
Benefit: You gain a +2 to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Craft (Writing) checks when trying to promote reinterpretations and alternate takes on Dragonlance material.

Eye of the Liger [General]

You never miss a chance to post. You are adept at finding threads where you can give your two steel worth.

Benefit: +4 to Search and Spot when looking to give your opinion on any given thread.
Special: If your name is Sephzero you gain a +8 instead.

Follower of the Black Rose [Martinian]

You may have started in Krynn . . . but Ravenloft grabbed you and refuses to let go.
Prerequisites: Knowledge (Dragonlance) 2 ranks, Knowledge (Ravenloft) 4 ranks
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy checks to convince people of Ravenloft’s virtues, and a +4 bonus on Sense Motive checks and saves against fear, charm or compulsion effects when someone tries to convince you that Soth never left Krynn.
Special: Characters with this feat may be turned by clerics of Margaret Weis or Tracy Hickman. (Clerics of the Sovereign Press ‘pantheon’ may be able to do so as well; the matter is uncertain.)

Forum Administrator [Moderator]

You are a master of forums, shaping and bending them to your will.
Prerequisite: Must have served as a moderator for at least two years and accepted as a Forum Administrator by the Powers That Be.
Benefit: Your bonus to Intimidate checks improves to +10. All weapons wielded by Forum Administrators are considered Flamer Bane weapons.

Forum Moderator [Moderator]

+5 to all intimidate checks
Prerequisites: Must be a moderator for a Dragonlance message board.
Benefit: You have the ability to lock threads, move posts, and even bane other members. Because of your elevated position all other members of the message board cower before you giving you a +5 to intimidate checks.

Grudge Flamer [General]

You bear great hatred for another poster (or closely allied group of posters), and have sharpened your ability to incite their wrath.
Prerequisite: Poster of the Flame. Must have been involved in at least three flame wars with the chosen poster.
Benefit: When you cause your opponent to rage (as per Poster of the Flame), he will continue to rage for 5 rounds, or until booted by a moderator.
Special: You can take this feat multiple times. It’s effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, its effects apply to a different poster.

Hero of Ambient Magic [General]

You have been gifted with the honorary title of “Saga Champion”.
Prerequisites: Must have crafted no less than three variants for either sorcerers, mystics, or a combination of both and at least know the Saga rules well enough that you could play a game (a moot point since the evolution of 3.5).
Benefits: You may make use of the benefits and drawbacks associated with the Saga Champion feat. It serves as a virtual feat for the acquisition of other Saga style feats such as (Craft Item) Alternate Ambient Spellcaster).
Drawbacks: You suffer a -4 to all wisdom based checks to realize how muddy the water’s have become with all the ambient variants available and suffers a -6 will save to resist monkeying even with his own work.

Human Encyclopedia [General]

You are a billowing mass of knowledge.
Prerequisites: Must be Uziel
Benefit: You may add a bonus to all knowledge checks equal to the number of Dragonlance Products you have read.

Incarnation Warrior [General]

+3 to all attack rolls.
Prerequisites: Must have played in a Dragonlance campaign under at least 3 different rule systems. It does not have to be the same campaign but each campaign must have taken place in a Dragonlance setting.
Benefit: You have battled your way through at least three different rule systems achieving multiple techniques for hitting your foes. Your adversaries can never be sure what rule system you will use to attack them and thus are unable to properly defend themselves. Your changing attacks constantly keep your opponents on their toes granting you a +3 to all attack rolls.

Long Time Poster [General]

+3 to all fortitude saves.
Prerequisites: You must have been a member on at least on of the previous incarnations of the Dragonlance message boards.
Benefit: You have managed to survive the changing of the message boards and are still posting on the current message board. Because of your ability to survive defeat only to rise and post again your body has become resistant to the plague of changing forums giving you a +3 on all fortitude saves.

Master of the Game [General]

There are none who know the game better than you.
Prerequisite: Must be Cam Banks.
Benefit: You gain a +8 bonus to all Craft (RPG) checks, or to any checks involving rules knowledge.

Master of Verbiage [ICRP]

Your ability to expound on brief topics is akin to a hurricane pounding the Ergothian coast, drenching the countryside in a rain that reminds one of the avalanches of distant Kharolis. Those were hard times, when bandits lurked in their hideouts for fear of losing them upon their egress toward the latest ambush. Peasants signed the triangle to ward all manner of ills, and wizards were more comfortable walking the corridors of magic than the paths of Ansalon.
Prerequisites: Member of the In-Character Role-Playing thread.
Benefit: Your textual abilities are as long as the day and as chaotic as the Graygem. You gain a +4 bonus on Fortitude saves against double-posting fever, but every post you make must contain no less than 200 words.

Mina Lover [General]

You have feelings of Mina… of love!
Prerequisites: Must have read the War of Souls series and Amber and Ashes. Also must actually like Mina.
Benefit: Hey your a Mina Lover! What any other benefit do you what?
Special: If your Chemosh be prepared for Zeboim’s Wrath… if your Silvanoshei…. well be prepared to be hated a lot. If you me and made a Mina fan Club but no one joining. You are the ultimate Mina fan lover.

Mina Slayer [General]

You have feelings for Mina – of hatred!
Prerequisite: Must have read the War of Souls trilogy and Amber and Ashes.
Benefit: You gain a +3 Joan of Arc bonus against Mina and her cult of fans.
Special: If you remember Mina from her SAGA days, you gain 1d3 grey hairs.

Mod of the Iron Fist [General]

You rule the boards with an iron fist (and the boots to match).
Prerequistes: Must have closed no less than three threads for violations of the Code of Conduct; one of which must be a newbie thread, and another must be a favorites thread.
Benefit: You instantly trigger a flame attack from a poster who feels strongly about the thread closed. The attack does not penetrate your moderator’s shield of flame and allows you a free infraction attack against the perpetrator.

Nit-Picky [General]

You have a larger eye for detail than most.
Prerequisite: Search 8 ranks, Spot 8 ranks.
Benefit: Your eye for detail is so good that you can trace the phases of the moons back to the Cataclysm. You gain a +3 bonus in all Charisma-based checks to sway someone over to your way of thinking.

Novel Scion [General]

+3 to all read magic and decipher script checks.
Prerequisites: You must have read at least 100 Dragonlance novels.
Benefit: You have spent so much time reading Dragonlance novels that you can now read just about anything. Even reading magical texts or deciphering other languages has become easy for you, granting you a +3 bonus to all read magic and decipher script skill checks.

Off Topic Expertise [General]

Prerequisites: Must be Dalamar_thedark or post more than ten off topics in one thread and for some reason not get warning from the mods.
Benefit: You get a + 4 to all Off Topic Posts.
Special: You also get a +2 bonus to Bluff checks.

Outsider [General]

“There’s more to life than DL, you know…”
Prerequisites: A total of 10 ranks in Knowledge (Planescape), Knowledge (Spelljammer) and Knowledge (any other D&D setting), Dragonlance Deviant
Benefit: You are immune to the Krynnocentric view of the multiverse and impervious to any attempts at ‘reason’.

Photographic Memory [General]

+8 to all knowledge checks.
Prerequisites: Must be Uziel
Benefit: You can memorize anything that is related to Dragonlance just by looking at it. Because of this extraordinary ability you have amassed a vast knowledge base for all things Dragonlance granting you a +8 to all knowledge skill checks.

Poster of the Flame [General]

You cause your opponent to rage for the next two rounds.
Prerequisites: Must have angered at least one other member to the point that a moderator had to be involved.
Benefit: Your ability to inflame other members is commendable and your flaming posts are despised by all. Your mastery over the flame causes other members to drop their defenses and rage for the next two rounds.

Raistlin’s Faithful [General]

“Someday all of you will bow down to me, and call me Master.”
Prerequisite: Poster of the Flame, Incarnation Warrior [Must have played Raistlin, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, in at least separate campaigns.] Knowledge (Raistlin) 10 ranks (15 if you travelled through time to gain them).
Benefit: You gain a +2 Morale bonus whenever Raistlin’s name is mentioned. Impervious to being swayed by arguements against Raistlin. +2 to all checks to recall obscure facts about Raistlin.
Drawbacks: You instantly send Dino’s and Bitter Dino’s into blood thirsty battle rage, during which time they get +2 flame attacks against you.

Re-Incarnation Warrior [General]

You have battled your way through at least three different rule systems using the same character.
Prerequisites: Must have played in at least three different campaigns; not set in the same campaign world, using the same character or a derivative thereof (in one campaign you were a warrior, in another a wizard, and the last a cleric. At least one of these campaigns must have been a Dragonlance campaign.
Benefit: You are capable of baffling both your fellow player’s and your DM with obscure references to past character incarnations when you quested after (insert item here). You make frequent use of knowledge from your past incarnations and as such you recieve a +2 to Knowledge (history) and Bluff checks used to recall such information and use it in the current campaign.

Repetitive Poster [General]

+1 on all survival checks.
Prerequisites: Cannot be above companion level for number of posts.
Benefit: Your newness to the Dragonlance forums causes you to post topics that have already been posted many, many, many times before. As a result the thunderous storm of complaints be older members has increased your ability to survive the forums granting you a +1 to all survival checks.

Sacrificial Lamb [General]

You cause your DM great confusion by playing characters that just don’t last that long.
Benefit: You add a bonus to all Charisma-based checks equal to the number of characters you have played (and sacrificed) when trying to confuse your DM.

SAGA Champion [General]

You love the SAGA game system, and you’re not about to let anyone diss it.
Prerequisite: Must have played Dragonlance with the SAGA rules for at least a year.
Benefit: You gain a +3 Trump bonus on all initiative checks when defending the SAGA rules system or Fifth Age.
Special: If you were a true SAGA fan, you’d realize that SAGA has no feats.

Secret Blight [General]

You cause a degenerative mind disease to spread to all those who become aware that you have a secret that you can not share.
Prerequisite: You must be Talinthas.
Benefit: You have learned a secret from the Mistress of Dragons herself and have leaked the knowledge that you hold this secret to your fellow DL fans. To know of the secret is actually a disease that slowly removes one point of intelligence per week. As the weeks go by your fellow DL fans degenerate into mindless beings whose only thought is of the secret. Powerless to think of nothing but the secret they make continual guess at what the secret might be, each guess being more ridiculous than the last.
Special: The only cure to secret blight is actually knowledge of what the secret is.

Taladas Trooper [General]

Dragonlance exists only on the shores of Taladas. Ansalon will be destroyed.
Prerequisite: Must have the Time of the Dragon boxed set and read Blades of the Tiger.
Benefit: You may add your Intelligence modifier to all Bluff checks made to persuade someone that Taladas is best. If they cannot be persuaded, you may add your Intelligence modifier to attack rolls against Ansalon die-hards.

Teaser [General]

You gain +4 on all diplomacy checks when talking to DL fans.
Prerequisite: You must work for Sovereign Press or be a Mod on this website.
Benefit: You have an insiders knowledge of future Dragonlance products that allows you to drop hints about these future products. These hints lack any real information but leaves DL fans drooling and hanging on to your every word. Because DL fans are so anxious for the small hints you hand out you gain a +4 on diplomacy checks when discussing future Dragonlance products.

Thread Derailleur [General]

You have become a master of throwing threads of track.
Prerequisites: Off-topic Expertise
Benefit: You may add your Charisma bonus to all Off-topic checks. You receive a penalty equal to half your Charisma bonus on all On-topic checks related to that particular thread.

Thread Necromancer [General]

You have developed the annoying talent of resurrecting the threads of Posts’ Past just so you don’t have to create another topic.
Prerequisite: Worthless Trivia Junkie and must have personally resurrected no less than five dead threads.
Benefit: Your talent for useless trivia is surpassed only by your memory of long dead posts. You gain a +10 competence bonus to dive through the mountains of past posts in search of a rare gem (or dead lizard in some cases). You gain the ability use the spell animate dead thread no more than 3 times per day. You also cause other forum members to lose the benefit of the the Cam’s Grace feat until such time as the thread dies again.
Drawbacks: You draw the attention of every bitter dino, newbie, and moderator; as well as, the inevitable presence of Cam who magically appears to berate you for utilizing the foul art of thread necromancy. Your error is often compounded resulting in others contributing to the longevity of the revived thread.

Uncanny Locking [Moderator]

You as a moderator have a six sense about locking a thread without even being online.
Prerequisite: Must be a moderator.
Benefit: You still retain your locking thread abilities even if your flat-footed.
Special: You can lock any thread you want, anytime you want. And there nothing that normal members can do about it.

Unsung Hero Worship [General]

Your favorite character has never been given the respect he/she/it deserves.
Prerequisite: Must have read over 20 Dragonlance novels.
Benefit: Choose a character from the following: Brithelm Pathwarden, the Gray Man, Kolanda Darkmoor, Marto of Falthana, Samar, Whastryk Kite. You gain a +3 bonus to Knowledge (Dragonlance history) checks involving your character, and a +3 bonus to Bluff checks when convincing others that your character deserves his/her own trilogy.
Special: You may take this feat more than once. It applies to a different poor sod each time.

Worthless Trivia Junkie [General]

You know things about Dragonlance that most people would rather forget.
Prerequisite: Knowledge (Dragonlance history) 3 ranks, Cha 13+.
Benefit: You may add your Charisma bonus to any roll used to confuse others on the boards with your knack for obscure facts.
Special: You can incite your opponent to rage if the roll involves Jiathuli or kodragons.


Character Builder Paralyzation

You have become so adept at using 4e’s character builder that you have almost become incapable of building a character by hand.
Effect: Your scribe skill is treated as untrained when creating a character from scratch; ie not using character builder.

Hermit’s Fetor

Your over-sized soda, junk food, and compulsive posting keep you from straying too far from the computer, even to bathe.
Effect: Anyone within a five foot radius has to make a DC 15 Fort save or suffer -2 to attacks, skills, saves, and ability checks due to the ovewhelming stench. You gain a bonus feat.


Effect: On the Forums, every time you go posting each topic is treated as having concealment and you must roll your spot check twice. If either check fails, then you miss the thread. You also gain a bonus feat.

Nexus Oblivion

You have never heard of the ‘Nexus’, and wonder how all these people know all this stuff. You probably are a member of 50 different chat rooms.
Affect: You receive a -4 to all DL Knowledge checks.
Special: You gain a bonus feat.

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