Flight of the Pixies

My Dear Herald,

I have decided to journey with Princess Mercy and Lady Linsha to Northern Ergoth–I have decided the First Mystic is right; it might be time for me to once again venture beyond the shores of Schallsea.

I am writing you one last dispatch from the Port of Schallsea before leaving because our departure has been delayed.

Mina, Goldmoon’s ward, caused quite a stir on the skiff. She had stowed away as we had feared, but rather than simply surrendering to the sailor who found her, she attempted to escape, presumably hoping that if she did she would be able to sneak onboard the vessel again before it left port. Soon, most of the crew was chasing her all over the ship, with even one of the Knights who watch over the docks joining in. The agile girl dodged everyone who tried to catch her, causing a number of men to collide with bonecrunching impacts and even fall overboard. The spectacle, however, came to a close when the Knight fell overboard and sank to the bottom of the harbor in his heavy armor. To her credit, Mina dove immediately after him and helped him get out of the heavy gear which might have spelled his doom if not for her help. She then swam away. It is not clear where she presentely has hidden herself, nor is anyone searching for her. The event that followed shortly afterwards is entirely too strange.

While the sailors were straightening toppled cargo and repairing ropes cut in Mina’s mad fight for freedom, a cloud seemed to materialized on the horizon and drew rapidly toward shore. As it came, the wind carried with it a remarkable song, a song of such beauty that it rivaled even those performed by the finest choirs in my homeland of Silvanesti. Within minutes, it was clear that the cloud was actually tens of thousands of pixies flying in formation. Appearing like a living rainbow, the pixies buzzed through the Port of Schallsea as we all gaped in astonishment. Knight look-outs told us that they were heading for the Que-Nal village south of the town.

Lady Linsha and Princess Mercy have gone to the vllage to see what have brought the Pixes to Schallsea and whether they might know something about the song of the trees. Word just reached me that Mirror, the silver dragon who watches over the Citadel, responded to requests for a assistance by saying, “I will have no part in this silliness. You’re going to have to deal with Gumdrop herself. Let me know if Grimsbody shows up. Until then, leave me be.” He refused to comment on who these Gumdrop and Grimsbody were.

In the meantime, I am sending this report with a pair of Knights bound for Solanthus; it is not complete, but their ship is leaving with the tide, and , I thought it important that the names of Grimsbody and Gumdrop be brought to your attention, as well as this odd pixie mingration. Maybe you will be able to piece the mystery together from your many and varied sources.

Iryl Songbrook,
Writing in Spring of the 36th year of the Age of Mortals, from the Isle of Schallsea

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Steve Miller lives, writes, and watches way too many movies in Washington State. He started his professional writing career doing feature articles and reviews, but soon detoured into writing roleplaying games. With a little luck, he'll be balancing criticism and more creative writing in the years to come.
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