Dwarven Trade Delegation Protesting Draconian Treatment

by Gerrin, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Darkember 7, 426 AC

Palanthas – The Garnet Mining Company held a special meeting today to discuss the latest course of actions taken by the Palanthas Merchant’s Guild concerning draconians entry. This meeting took place the day after the Palanthas Merchant’s Guild meeting with the Draconians became very tense among both sides.

“We would like to see the Palanthas Merchant Guild play fair for once, “declared dwarven spokesperson Reghar Firehammer. “For too long they have used their weight and pushed around their pro Solamnic agenda. I just want to see a fair playing for all merchants, be it draconian, elf, kender or gnome.”

His sentiment was echoed by the twenty other representatives from the mining company who declared that the Palanthas Merchant’s Guild has often treated non-Palanthian merchants as second class citizens and declared that their treatment of them is unethical in the field of trading.

“If this problem cannot be resolved soon the Garnet Mining Company will be forced to withdraw our membership in the Palanthas Merchant’s Guild,” cited Firehammer. “For too long we have kept our mouths shut about this. We also want an end of the Gate Tax.”

The Garnet Trading Company is still outraged over last month’s new gate tax, which taxes every shipment created outside of Palanthas. Many merchants have voiced their anger of it but the Guild still refuses to remove it. The dwarves aren’t the only group to share the displeasure but they are the most vocal. Other sources lead us to believe that the dwarven outburst to be too strong and undeserving.

“Those dwarves just get upset over anything,” said Guild Representative Thomas Swordsbright. “They just don’t see these taxes and the process of these talks beneficial. I mean we can’t just let anyone into the Guild. What do you think the people will think when they see a draconian undercutting the prices of our local merchants, we must protect our own people.”

As the situation heads into another week this problem is beginning to heat up. The Garnet Trading Company is continuing their talks tomorrow and has invited other non Palanthian groups, including the Teyr Merchants, into joining with their talks. No further word on whether these other groups will be attending the meeting or not.

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