Duel of the Apprentices

by Brinebeast, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Gildember 24, 426 AC

Palanthas – The Orders of High Sorcery are seeking to promote awareness of the return of arcane magic with a new event entitled “Duel of the Apprentices.” This duel will be a competition that allows apprentice wizards to show off their magical prowess in a series of challenges. “We encourage anyone who is interested in a career in arcane magic to attend,” said Henrad Winestaff, a member of the White Robes and the Orders’ liaison to the Palanthian Merchant Guild. Persons who have already displayed arcane talent and are seeking sponsorship into the Orders of High Sorcery were also encouraged to attend.

Sources confirm that membership within the Orders of High Sorcery is lower than what was expected by the Conclave, those wizards who oversee the orders, since the return of arcane magic. Apprentices from all three Orders (White Robes, Red Robes, and Black Robes) will be competing in the competition. The winner will receive a small cash prize and an undisclosed magical item that will be useful to any aspiring wizard.

The competition will be open for public viewing and representatives from all three Orders of High Sorcery will be available for those who have questions regarding magic. The duel will be held on the city parade grounds and should last most of the day. Henrad Winestaff also commented that the Orders hope to make this an annual event, providing that there is enough public interest.

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