Dragonspawn as Heroes

Hello All! Ever thought of creating a Blue spawn character? Well now you can! I have created the rules for making the Blue Spawn.

Blue Spawn’s were the first, created by The Storm Over Krynn. They have the ability to fly thus they must have an “A” code for both Agility & Dexterity and a score no less than 8 for both Ag and De. Thus when making a check to fly it is automatically considered trump. Blue Spawns are extremely strong thus they must have a “B” code and a 7 score in St. They also have tough scaly hides therefore their Endurance must have at least an “A” code. They also receive trump bonus for all endurance/strength checks. Blue Spawn’s also can blast an enemy with their lightning breath thus they have the Sphere of Electromancy but that’s it. Their Reason code can only be “B” and they cannot have a score higher than 5. Blue Spawn’s are however very perceptive and must have at least a 7 score and an “A” code in Pr. They can only cast their breath once/day. Blue Spawn’s cannot cast ANY mysticism, therefore they only can have an “X” code and a max. score of 5 in Sp. Blue Spawn’s cannot lead at all and are not nice looking so the have an “X” code in Presence and cannot have a score higher than 4 in Pe. Blue Spawn’s cannot have a wealth higher than 2 and must start with at least 4 quests.

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