Dragonlance: Untold Quests – Designer Notebook

Dragonlance: Untold Quests (A Tier 1 Adventure)

Last November I sat down and began to look at projects that would appeal to me to work on. As I went over my possible options, I had many to dive into. I could look at creating an adventure based on the Age of Mortals timeline, another I could dwell into another aspect of the War of the Lance, but the most intriguing one was, I could go through the Dragonlance Quests line and finish the tale.

Untold Quests

For those of you unfamiliar with the DLQ line, this was a series that started with Knight’s Sword and continued into Flint’s Axe. Early in the tale they list Huma’s Shield as being the third part of the series. Now for me this tale was left very incomplete and the adventures originally laid out in Knight’s Sword and Flint’s Axe were difficult to play through.

As you see, this series was set up to start a new era in Dragonlance gaming, one that is post-War of the Lance. It would allow new players or those who are familiar with the story a chance to craft their own tales, but yet finding some familiar ground. The story presented, though, was a bit odd to me, and I felt that the tale wasn’t exactly what really fit the themes of Dragonlance.

To me Dragonlance is more than just a battle between good and evil. You have heroes that have to make sacrifices, choices that impact the world around them, and are flawed. In this adventure, I designed it to be a kender’s retelling of the original adventure. This would allow me to take a fresh take and make choices that felt practical versus forced action.

One of the biggest “what ifs” in the book is “What if a serious threat was directing these forces to retrieve the items presented here?”. What if that force had found a way to surpass even death to make himself more powerful? With no one aware of his plan, only a group of new adventurers could stumble onto the plot.

This plot takes our group from the High Clerist’s Tower, to Solanthus, to Hillhome, before finally ending up in Tarsis. We are given a chance to explore these areas and learn more about the people that live there, but also what secrets they keep. One of the big things here is I wanted to provide DMs more possible tales after the story was done. After the heroes had completed their tasks, I wanted to set up more possibilities.

That being said I do have plans for Dragonlance Untold Quests: Journey to the Nightmare Forest to be developed this fall. The plan to continue the tale into the plague lands of Silvanesti will take the players through Tier 2 (and also be compatible with the updates to the edition – This is one reason for the delay in Champions of Krynn as I have a team currently working on it, but with the release date so close to the end of the year, I want to make sure that we can experience that adventure in a whole, without updates a few months after release).

I hope you take a chance and check out Dragonlance: Untold Quests as it is a great way to start a new campaign post-War of the Lance.

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