Dragonlance Parodies 2000

Dragonlance Parodies 2000
(sung to the tune of the theme song of MST3K

In the not to distant past –
Last Sunday AC.
There was a guy named Trampas,
Not to different from you or me.
He worked at Devry Institute,
Just another drone slaving for the suits.
He did his job in a clean workspace.
But his bosses didn’t like him,
So they shot him into Krynnspace.

We’ll send him cheesy continents,
The most obscure we can find. (la-la-la)
He’ll have to sit and convert them all,
And we’ll monitor his mind. (la-la-la)
Now keep in mind Trampas can’t control,
the opinions of his dopey friends (la-la-la)
Because they just point and laugh,
They’re suckers for the latest trends.

Continent Roll Call (All right, lets go!)
Ansalon (Washed up!)
Taladas (Don’t forget me!)
Adlatum (The new guy!)
Ithin’Carthia (That’s not a real continent!)

If you’re wondering when he eats or breathes
and other useless facts. (la la la)
Repeat to yourself you just don’t know
Maybe he snorts Cracker Jacks.
For Dragonlance Parodies 2000!

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