Dragonlance Nexus News #1

Hail All,


In this Email:

– Discussion Boards Update

– Dragonlance Reference

– “Brothers in Arms” Released


It’s been a while since I’ve sent anything to the ‘News & Updates’ list,
so (as per a subscriber suggestion) I’ve decided to tell you about some of
the new & cool things going on with Dragonlance Dot Com (formerly ‘the
World of Krynn’).

Discussion Boards


The Dragonlance discussion board is up and running again! After the
switch from 5th.net, the discussion board went down. After some (lots) of
tinkering with the software, I’ve gotten the board up again; currently we
have about 130 members on the board, with more being added all the time.

Dragonlance Reference


The subject of more than one email that I’ve received since the server
switch has been “what happened to this-or-that”. You may have noticed
that a lot of the information ‘disappeared’ from the site. That is only
partly true. All those sections have been moved from the main portion of
the site into a new “Reference” section.

The new section is currently under construction, but (eventually) will
contain the information from all the “old” sections. Right now I’m going
through and editing and re-working the content of all the “old” sections.
So far, the “Cities & Lands” section is back online; I’ll be sure to let
you know when the other sections are up as well!

Brothers In Arms


The sequel to the Soulforge, Brother is Arms, has been released! You can
pick up the new novel at the address above!

That’s about it! If you have any questions or comments, please let me

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