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The Dragonlance RPG License has been a labor of love for me and my staff throughout the term of our agreement with Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro. Our goal in creating Dragonlance game product has always been to give the long-time fan quality material that supports our vision for Dragonlance while attracting a new audience to this epic world. Our agreement has come to term and is not being renewed. We will be releasing new Dragonlance RPG product through the end of this year and then will step back from our association with Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro.

Margaret Weis Productions is thrilled to be associated with incredible properties such as Serenity, Battlestar Galactica, and Supernatural. Our latest endeavor is a collaboration with Tracy Hickman in the development of our new world — Dragonships of the Vindras — an epic series featuring Viking-like warriors, three opposing groups of Gods, ships powered by dragons, and the ultimate quest for salvation and survival through recovery of the Five Bones of the Vektan Dragons. This new fantasy world is rich with adventure and romance and is being published by Tor Books on a timeline to coincide with the launch of new game Dragonships product in the classic tradition of Dragonlance. Stay tuned for exciting announcements on this line in the coming months.

In response to the many inquiries we’ve received, please know we view this as a beginning, not an end. We see this as an opportunity to provide our fans and community with quality product with which we’re going to be proud to be associated for many years to come.

Margaret Weis
Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd.

About Margaret Weis

Margaret Weis was born and raised in Independence, Missouri. She attended the University of Missouri, Columbia, graduating in 1970 with a BA degree in Literature and Creative Writing. In 1983, she moved to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, to take a job as book editor at TSR, Inc., producers of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® role-playing game. At TSR, Weis became part of the DRAGONLANCE® design team. Created by Tracy Hickman, the Dragonlance world has continued to intrigue fans of both the novel and the game for generations. Hickman and Weis wrote the first of many fantasy novels, the DRAGONLANCE CHRONICLES, which are still in print after almost thirty years. The books have sold over twenty-five million copies worldwide. Weis is the author/co-author of several other New York Times best-selling series, including DARKSWORD, ROSE OF THE PROHET, STAR OF THE GUARDIANS, THE DEATHGATE CYCLE, and DRAGONSHIPS. Weis and her daughter, Lizz, have written two paranormal romance novels, WARRIOR ANGEL and REBEL ANGEL, published by Daw. Her newest world is written with co-author, Robert Krammes – The Dragon Brigade. SPYMASTER, is the first volume in the new series, Dragon Corsairs, which just published on March 21, 2017. Wisconsin is home where Weis lives with four dogs, Dixie, Joey the Thug, Clancy the Hooligan, and Tika (currently in flyball training). They all enjoy competing in tournaments with their team, the Barkbarians.
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