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March 31, 2019

Renton, WA – Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc., has announced a new product line based on Paizo Publishing’s wildly popular Starfinder game.

Mike Mearls explains the idea. “We can’t deny the popularity of the Starfinder rules by Paizo Publishing. We were trying to find a way to modernize Dragonlance, and then it hit us. What if we combined the Dragonlance setting with Starfinder rules? It was a marriage made in heaven.”

According to early playtest documents, the world of Krynn would see a time jump some 8,400 years into the future. After a time known as the Gap where history has been erased, a group of companions comes together in search of the true gods. Yet during this time, a new force of evil, the Dragonstar Empire, seeks to conquer the system.

The heroes begin their journey at Solace Base, a space station that stands where the world of Krynn once was. The adventure begins when a ship lands there carrying a pair of passengers with knowledge of the Gap and how Takhisis stole the world of Krynn.

Mearls fills us in on the details. “We feel that now the time is right. We have seen how successful Dragonlance could be when translated to game systems other than D&D, so we’re sure that it can happen again. Think of this as a ‘what if’ scenario. We’re even going to see the return of the companions, just with Starfinder rules.”

According to playtest documents, the companions will be reimagined as follows.

Tanis Half-Elven, Laurana, and Kitiara will be mostly unchanged. They will represent legacy races within Starlancer. Tanis and Kit will be soldiers, while Laurana will be the new envoy class.

Caramon will also remain a human soldier, but it’s with Raistlin that we see the most change between the twins. When Raistlin takes the dreaded Test of High Technomancy, his soul is placed in a golden android body, complete with circuitry and hourglass eyes. He sees the world around him in terms of code and wants desperately to defrag it.

Tasslehoff will become one of the mouse-like Ysoki, pilfering pockets and placing all sorts of wondrous items in his mouth pouch.

 Tasslehoff wouldn’t be complete without Flint, a dwarf who has cybernetic enhancements to prolong his life. Unfortunately, it’s old cyberware, vulnerable to water. “A bum ticker won’t get him this time!” Chris Perkins mentioned, while having breakfast at a popular donut chain. “Can you imagine what that would do to kill off one of our iconics? Forget that. He’s gonna live!”

Despite this proclamation on not killing off iconics, Sturm’s fate isn’t so certain. Jeremy Crawford explains. “Sturm Brightblade is a hero of great honor, trying to reclaim his heritage as a Knight of Krynnspace, a faction within the Stewards. We made Sturm into a solarion, which seemed appropriate due to his surname of Brightblade. It’s a literal translation.”

“He’s keeping the moustache, though,” Chris Perkins adds. “I know that seems odd, having a lizardman with an epic ‘stache, but it worked on an episode of The Orville recently.”

Goldmoon and Riverwind will be a pair of kasathas, giving them more of an alien tone. Goldmoon will be a mystic, which is basically a space cleric meets druid meets psion. Goldmoon will be bringing back the word of the All Spark.

Tika also remains largely unchanged, being a human soldier. However, she has replaced the frying pan with a waffle iron.

Mike Mearls even mentioned how there would be a new set of novels. “The Starlancer Chronicles trilogy will be coming this April from Wizards of the Coast. Unfortunately, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman were not available, due to scheduling conflicts and general lack of interest. However, we have another resident author familiar with space fantasy who fits the bill. We’re talking about none other than R.A. Salvatore, author of the Star Wars novel Vector Prime. Who knows what surprises he has in store?”

Starlancer will be coming to book and game stores near you sometime in the near future.

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