Dragonlance Adventure Game – The Starter Set That Never Was

Sometimes, in the course of the creation process in the RPG industry, a product is planned and perhaps even worked on, only to be shelved for one reason or another. Such was the case with the Dragonlance Adventure Game starter set.

The Dragonlance Adventure Game was advertised on the old Dragonlance.com website, and scheduled for publication. However, Wizards of the Coast felt that it too closely matched their plans to create a D&D 3.5 starter set, and the project was scrapped.

Recently, YoDanno posted some images on Twitter revealing the front and back covers, as well as the pregenerated character cards that went with the game.

Dragonlance Adventure Game Front Cover
Dragonlance Adventure Game Back Cover

Product Description (From Dragonlance.com Web Archive)

Dragonlance Adventure Game

by Jamie Chambers, Larry Elmore & Sean Everette

Introduction to Adventure!

DRAGONLANCE novels have been in various bestseller lists for nearly twenty years, with the original books still in print and selling well. Now a series of original Young Adult novels (as well as young adult versions of the original DRAGONLANCE Chronicles) are being released to introduce younger readers (ages 9-12) to the DRAGONLANCE saga. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce both the young adult and family audiences to adventure gaming in the world of Krynn!

The DRAGONLANCE Adventure Game includes all the rules and components needed to play right out of the box—including full-color character sheets, rules, maps, counters, and dice! For those wishing to continue the adventure, an enclosed sheet will tell them what products they will need.

ISBN 1-931567-28-X
July 2004

8 1/2″ x 11″ Boxed Set
MSRP: $24.99

Sovereign Press 2004 Product Catalog Description

(product concept art)(product concept art)

The books in the DRAGONLANCE saga have been in various best-seller lists for nearly twenty years, with the original books still in print and selling well. Now a new series of Young Adult novels (and young adult versions of the classic novels in the saga) are being released to bring in younger readers (ages 9-12) to the DRAGONLANCE saga—a perfect age to introduce a young audience to roleplaying in the world of Krynn!

The Dragonlance Adventure Game include basic rules, pregenerated characters, introductory adventures, and dice. An enclosed ad sheet will tell young players what products they need next if they wish to continue the adventure!

Selling Points

• Introductory boxed sets have sold extremely well for other bestselling
fantasy properties (notably Lord of the Rings).
• The product provides a great starting point for all Dragonlance
novel readers who wish to try the game without investing in
multiple products.
• The 9-12 age range of the Young Adult line of Dragonlance
fiction is a great “recruitment” age of players who might already
have some exposure to hobby games (Pokémon, Yugi-Oh, etc.).
• Advertised in hobby and game publications, including Games
Quarterly, Games Unplugged Magazine, and Game Trade
• Bonus web content on www.dragonlance.com.

ISBN 1-931567-28-X
June 2004

Boxed Set (Color)
SRP: $24.99

YoDanno’s Information

In ‘04 a #Dragonlance Adventure Game was almost completely finished & 5,000 d20 dice were made by Crystal Caste. Then WotC felt the box set was too similar to the D&D Starter Set they were publishing for 3.5 which featured a black dragon in ruins. It was a scaled-down version of D&D 3.5 that used only a d20 roll for everything, meant to be a simpler way to get fans of the novels into playing D&D.

The character sheet art was made using the original Elmore B&W images from the early DL modules in the 80s, but Larry went back and digitally colorized them himself 20 years later!!!

So neat isn’t it?

Such a shame that we never got the chance to see it and play! It even had a registered stock number already! SVP4802!

– YoDanno (Twitter post)

The Character Cards

YoDanno had also discovered character cards for Tasslehoff Burrfoot.

Tasslehoff Character Sheet Front
Tasslehoff Burrfoot Character Sheet Front
Tasslehoff Character Sheet Back
Tasslehoff Burrfoot Character Sheet Back

Finally, a character sheet for Caramon exists in PDF format.

Final Thoughts

There were some neat ideas with the Dragonlance Adventure Game Boxed Set. However, the business landscape doesn’t always allow for companies to pursue all their goals.

Editor’s Note

Thanks to YoDanno for all his work finding this information, posting it, and allowing us to post it here.

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  1. Fun trip down memory lane, thanks!

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