Dragonlance Adventure Book and Battle Game Coming Late 2022!

Wizards of the Coast announced in their D&D Direct stream this morning that Dragonlance will be making its return later this year with the Shadow of the Dragon Queen sourcebook and the Warriors of Krynn battle game.

Dragonlance Adventure Book and Battle Game
New adventure book and battle game!

The video had this description.

Dragonlance is coming back to D&D later this year! Battle for the world of Dragonlance across an adventure book and battle game that includes options to link them together as a new way to play D&D.

Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen is an adventure book that tells a brand-new story at the beginning stages of the War of the Lance.

Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn introduces a war game experience to D&D 5th Edition, featuring large scale military battles.

-D&D Direct 2022

Check out the trailer!

The trailer features a warrior (perhaps a Knight of Solamnia?), an elven Red Robe Mage of High Sorcery, and a kender. They appear to be fighting against the Red Dragonarmy. And are those red draconians we see?


Here are some other images seen in the trailer.

More to come!

Shadow of the Dragon Queen and Warriors of Krynn will be released late 2022.

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  1. Such great news. The Lance Lives Again!

    I hope this is an interesting reintroduction of the setting, one that meshes the old canon and the new (i.e. 5E) mechanics well.

  2. Plume Plainswind

    Ummmmm. . . YEP! Gonna be awesome! So glad we are getting another shot at a Dragonlance revival. Heard the board game was only 2 player though – wishing it was more.

  3. Though the trailer is a bit generic, I love the details they include to honor Dragonlance history: a nice magic staff with light casted upon, the Red Dragonarmy, the shield of breath absorption, a kender with top knotted hair, the Legion of Steel reference, the flying fortress… Boy, I’m twelve again.

    • Not only a Legion of Steel reference, but also a Dragons of Summer Flame reference. Steel’s words became the motto of the Legion of Steel.

      That caught my ear too!

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