Dragonborn to Become Dragonlance Race

We have heard several reports that the Dragonborn, one of the two new races in the 4th Edition Player’s Handbook, will become a bona fide Dragonlance race.

According to the reports, the Dragonborn will be an evolution of the draconian race. An unnamed source says, "After a few hundred years of crafting a new society in Teyr, the various breeds all sort of become inbred, producing one new true draconian race – the Dragonborn. We have given them a whole new look. They’re shiny gold now."

According to our source, "The Dragonborn are actually going to play a major role in the setting. There will be a six-part series dealing with the invasion of Ansalon. There are some unlikely targets as well. Who knew that the Dragonborn would be so interested in the Great Library of Palanthas and Mt. Nevermind?"

According to one rumor, Cam Banks will be penning this revolutionary series, set some 432 years into the future. Cam was unavailable for comment, though Jamie Chambers was seen rubbing his hands together maniacally.

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