Dragon Vassal (5e)


Dragon vassals are servants of Dragon Overlords, some willingly, others not so. A dragon vassal is created when a Dragon Overlord embeds one of their scales into a living creature and performs a ritual that binds the two creatures together. Becoming a dragon vassal grants powerful gifts, but those gifts come at great cost.

Once a scale is embedded, it usually cannot be removed. To do so would result in the death of the vassal since the scale is linked to the vassal’s life force. Ironically, if a vassal is ever brought to 0 hit points, and before dying, the scale can be safely removed since the mental link of the Overlord and vassal is broken during this time.

While a creature is a Dragon Vassal, it’s Overlord master can cast detect thoughts on the vassal at will, over any distance as long as the vassal and Overlord remain on the same plane. The vassal always fails it’s saving throw against this spell while conscious. The Overlord can also send telepathic thoughts, making two-way communication possible.

The Overlord can cast dominate person at will on the vassal. The Overlord can also cast symbol, using either the pain or stunning options of that spell at will targeting the vassal. The DC for these effects is 19.
As an action, the Overlord can see or hear anything that the vassal can, as long as they are on the same plane. The vassal knows when this is happening.

The Dungeon Master has the option to allow a character created in a Dragonlance campaign to be a Dragon Vassal.

As a Dragon Vassal, you share a nearly unbreakable bond with a Dragon Overlord. Becoming a Dragon Vassal is a supernatural gift (see “Supernatural Gifts” in chapter 7 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide) that bestows upon you the following traits.
• Depending on the Overlord you serve, some gifts are based on the dragon’s color, gained at 5th level:
Black: You have a swim speed equal to your walking speed and can breathe water as easily as you breathe air.
Blue: You have a burrow speed equal to half of your walking speed.
Green: You have a fly speed equal to your walking speed.
Red: You have immunity to fire, but vulnerability to cold.
White: You have immunity to cold, but vulnerability to fire.
• Your natural armor class increases by 1.
• You gain darkvision to 60 feet. If you already have darkvision, it increases by 30 feet.
• You regenerate 2 hit points per round as long as you are conscious.

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