Draconians Seek Entry Into Merchants Guild

by Trampas Whiteman, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Gildember 24, 426 AC

Palanthas – The Palanthas Merchants Guild will be holding hearings tomorrow regarding a new applicant into the Palanthas Merchants Guild. Though this is common fare for the guild, the particular applicant in question has caused much controversy. That’s because the applicant is the Teyr Trading Company, represented by three draconians.

“It isss time that Teyr join the ressst of the world,” Teyr Trading Company representative Krith said. “We are no longer the ssshock troopsss of Takhisssisss. We are a people, a nation. We have the right to trade, as doesss any nation.”

“Preposterous!” an anonymous guild official bellowed. “They’re animals. They would scare off all the customers in the bazaar and put all of us out of business! This is all a ruse of some sort. Draconians don’t change the color of their scales, just because their mistress is gone.”

Despite some strong opposition, Krith remains serious about setting up a trading company in Palanthas. “It will take sssome getting usssed to. We have every intention of making this ssssucceed. People can learn what draconian culture hasss to offer, and judge usss by who we are, not what we look like.”

“Of course we are happy to help,” Shinare cleric Barish Demal said. “It is the province of our mistress to seek interaction and to ensure greater commerce. To ignore the draconians is a missed opportunity. We won’t side with any party in this process, but we have agreed to be arbitrators. We intend to make certain that the draconians’ intentions are honorable, and that the Palanthas Merchants Guild gives them a fair chance. Our own contingent will be accompanied by a group of coinswords to make certain that violence doesn’t ensue.”

Hearings begin at the noon hour tomorrow.

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