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Well, the 5th Age boxed set was supposed to have rules for making player character draconians, and with the info on Teyr and stuff, it seemed well thought out. Unfortunately, the rules got cut. Anyway, a friend of mine and I, who happen to love the scaly guys, came up with rules of our own for player character draconians that, based on our test runs, yields characters who are generally around the neighborhood of some of the draconians in the book, give or take a few points. Right now, I’ve only done them for Bozak and Sivak draconians (Aurak are somewhat complicated with their weird powers, and Kapak and Baaz aren’t really cool enough), but here goes.

If, in your Fate Hand, you draw three or more cards from the suit of Dragons, you may choose to attempt to make a draconian. If you elect to do so, set the cards from the suit of Dragons aside and draw a number of additional cards equal to the number of Dragon cards you had. If you draw more Dragons in this way, set them aside too and keep going until you have twelve fate cards from the normal suits. Keeping the cards from the suit of Dragons aside, build your character as per normal with the other twelve cards.

If you are making a Bozak draconian, subtract a total of five grades from Agility, Dexterity, Endurance, and Strength and add a number of points equal to the sum of the values of the Dragon cards to your mental attributes. Bozaks must have a grade of “A” in Reason. If you are making a Sivak draconian, subtract a total of five grades from Reason, Perception, Spirit, and Presence and add the sum of the value of the Dragon cards to your physical attributes. Sivak must have a grade of “A” in Strength, and their maximum grade for Reason and Spirit is “C.”

The maximum stat rating for any draconian is 15. If you have extra points left over, too bad, they go away. Due to their tough, scaly hides and innate magic resistance, any card a draconian character plays from his hand when taking damage is trumped.

When increasing their stats due to experience, draconians raise the stats where they lost grades normally. However, when attempting to raise stats that were improved by the Dragon cards, draconians do it this way: If a draconian draws a dragon card when attempting to raise his attribute, it is considered Trump. If the new total is higher than his stat and the suit of the card drawn matches the stat in question, the stat goes up. To raise a grade in their improved stats, draconian characters must first draw the 10 of Dragons and THEN draw the 9 of the required suit.

Depending on the luck of the draw, draconians can be really, really nasty, but considering what they’re like in the book, that’s to be expected. Because your dragon cards are set aside, draconians also tend to start with less money and fewer quests under their belts, but the stat bonuses, IMO make up for this. Well, tell me what you all think, OK? Oh yeah… I meant to include a sample character that we got that seems pretty indicative of the type of draconians that the system creates. Here goes:

Name: Kavin
Race: Draconian (Sivak)
Role: Jaded Veteran
Quests: 8
Wealth: 3
Homeland: Sanction
Ag: 12B, Dx: 12A, En: 12A, St: 14A, Rn: 4C, Pn: 7B, Sp: 6C, Pr: 8A.
Special Abilities: Winged Flight, Acute Sight

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  1. I really like this, very nice!

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