Dogma Sovereignty Group

Entry in the 2006 Nexus Organizations Contest.


In the decade before the War of the Lance, many groups clamed to have found “new God’s”. These deities offered their followers many things: something to believe in as well as healing of the sick, good crops, better weather and of course, wealth and happiness. Most of these were hoaxes, clever rouses to part people from their money.

Being that times were hard and people often find comfort in faith, these “cults” flourished, parting people from what little they had just so that they might have something to believe in. Such was the case in Kelross, a tiny village on the southern coast of Northern Ergoth. A sect entered the town after an storm had leveled many of their homes, promising that an un-namable god had seen the suffering that had befallen Kelross. That he had sent his followers to save these poor people, and after a few illusions and a bit of smoke and lights the people gave their faith to the cult…as well as what money they had left.

Once the last steel was collected, the cult disappeared into the night, leaving the people of Kelross homeless and now copperless as well. Among these citizens were two brothers: Myrels and Blaise Ulitison. They had lost not only their homes but both their wives and children had died as well. The theft of their money was the last straw and they vowed to never let it happen again, try to help those who were in their shoes and to stop this for ever occurring again. They started an organization called The Dogma Sovereignty Group (DSG). Myrels and Blaise traveled the countryside raising awareness about false faiths, helping rebuild lives and communities that had been shattered by self serving sets and, in the rare case, stopping such false churches by disproving their claims in front of their followers.

When the organization finally disbanded after of the War of the Lance, there were 89 different chapters of the DSG across the continent. They had stopped the false worship of 63 different false deities. The DSG disbanded when both Larry and Scott found faith in a true god. Both became devoted followers of Zivilyn.

Headquarters/Areas of Influence

Since any money that the group was given was given back to those who needed it, a permanent headquarters was not practical. Instead, meetings were held at The Rust Keg in Strasburg, a small town a few leagues from Kelross. The tavern’s owner had nearly lost his shop to a group who preached of a god who could solve all his problems. Myrels and Blaise opened his eyes and saved him from a great mistake. He has been grateful ever since, showing his appreciation by hosting their monthly meetings.


At the beginning, Myrels and Blaise both traveled about the continent freeing people from their false beliefs. But the brothers soon found that this was too unorganized for they could not be everywhere at once and the false faiths gained two steps for every one the brothers took. Blaise decided to stay back in Straburg and organize things from the tavern there. Myrels continued their fight and as he did, he formed chapters of DSG in each town they helped. These were a way for those who wanted to help but were not willing to leave their communities to stay in touch with other groups, warning them of the traveling cults and offering those who did take the fight on the road a place of sanctuary.


These fighters of false hope did not have an easy go of it at first. People find it easier to starve to death rather than admit they lost their money to someone who swindled them into worshipping a chicken or a rock. Awareness was something that Myrels, Blaise and their members pushed hard upon the people. At first it was much to bitter of a lesson for some to learn, but soon people began to realize it was better to deal with such things and try to stop them from happening to someone else, rather than sweeping it under the rug only to have it happen to countless others. Their mission was not without it’s dangers because these cults were often dangerous and more than one member died when a false priest or priestess was cornered or confronted.

Joining the Organization

Myrels and Blaise did not ask for oaths and vows from their fellow DSG members, only a donation of their time to stopping these cults. Some only worked within their own communities, rebuilding lives and warding off such harlots from ever entering their communities. Other dedicated their lives, as their leaders had, traveling the country side, spreading awareness in some cases, hunting down cults and revealing their fraudulent ways.

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