Dead Knight Strikes Again

Last Updated: Palast, Gildember 31, 426 AC

PALANTHAS – Two bodies were found this morning in the Old Cemetery by Certius Dranoor, the gravedigger working there. The gravedigger described the bodies as being horribly mutilated, a look of utter horror on their faces. “I ain’t never seen nothin like this before! It’s awful. And the grave is…well empty! I’d let you have a look but there ain’t nothing t’see I guess.” According to Certius, the bodies were discovered lying beside the grave of the late Sir Jermine Ghaeleen.

When asked for a comment by the City Guard, the Herald’s reporter was met by silence. Nobody wishes to discuss the case and there seems to be a general interest to close this case as soon as possible.

Sir Jermine Ghaeleen is the former Knight of the Sword who was tried and convicted of the heinous crimes commited in Sister Margret’s Orphanage last winter as well as the murder of his children and attempted murder of his wife. Sir Ghaeleen was executed for his crimes by way of decapitation. This is not the first time that strange things have happened in this cemetery. Two weeks ago, a young girl went missing after she and her friends had been playing in the cemetery.

There are no witnesses to the murders of the two bodies, whose identities have yet to be established, except for a kender who, according to the gravedigger, was sitting wandering the cemetery. The kender was promptly escorted from the scene as soon as the City Guard arrived. The kender put up quite a struggle and kept yelling into thin air “Run Jermine!”

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