Dark Dwarf Savant (5e)

Dwarves usually abhore the use of arcane magic within their clans, casting out most who are caught practicing the Art.  The Dark Dwarf Savant is a rare magic-using Theiwar within the halls of Thorbardin.  They have maintained and nurtured their own dark rituals alongside the traditions of Sorcery and High Sorcery for centuries, deep within the darkest caverns of the Dwarven homeland, Thorbardin.

Dark Dwarf Savant:

Suggested skills: Arcana, Investigation, Insight

Suggested backgrounds: Hermit, Sage

Suggested race: Mountain Dwarf

Suggested class: Wizard

Suggested features: Necromancy or Transmutation Arcane Tradition; Feats: Dungeon Delver, Durable, Keen Mind, Magic Initiate, Observant, Resilient, Ritual Caster,
Spell Sniper

Suggested alignment: any Evil, usually Neutral Evil.

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