Dark Disciple and the Holy Orders of the Stars

Recently, I was asked about the status of the Holy Orders of the Stars during the Dark Disciple trilogy.  During my response on the forums, I realized this may make a good article.  I present it to you now.

The Dark Disciple series begins in 422 AC, one year after the end of the War of Souls. At this time, the Holy Orders are reorganizing. Some deities have followers already, others are building up from next-to-nothing.

Chemosh is trying to get away from his old image and get a younger, more vibrant group of followers. Some of his cults has seen his return, but some of his undead followers are left wondering where he is.

Mishakal is doing pretty active in this time period, as many of her followers are converts from the Citadel of Light. Chemosh mentions how her clerics have gotten more militant. Mishakal has taken the place of Paladine as the head of the good gods.

Majere’s clerics may be reorganizing, but his monks are still established. Many kept on with their traditions during his absence, and so he had many followers after the War of Souls. The Master of each monastery still maintains contact with the Prophet of Majere.

Zeboim’s cult is on the rise. While she is allied with Sargonnas at this time, she has been distracted with the plots of Chemosh. Some of her newest clerics are former sea or storm mystics.

The moon gods (Solinari the White, Lunitari the Red, and Nuitari the Black) do not have Holy Orders. Rather, their followers are the Wizards of High Sorcery. Dark Disciple shows us that the Orders are in reformation, but they still have a ways to go. Nuitari was working in secret with a couple of his Black Robes to rebuild the Tower of Istar.

As for Mina, Goddess of Tears, she has no Holy Order. She is “the patron of the faithless, the hopeless, and those who, either through their own fault or despite their best efforts, have lost what they hold most dear.”


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