Church Istaran Language

Editor’s Note: During the process of writing the Kingpriest Trilogy, Chris Pierson created a new language, Church Istaran, that was used extensively throughout the series. The following are his notes and a list of vocabulary 2,900 words long that he used as a reference during the composition of these novels. The Nexus would like to sincerely thank him for sharing his notes with the Dragonlance fan community. Enjoy!

All letters are pronounced; there are no silent letters in Church Istaran.

A = short a, as in father
E = short e, as in bell (if last letter in word, long a, as in pay).
I = long e, as in steer.
O = long o, as in alone.
U = long oo, as in cool.
AI = long i, eye.
AO, AU = ow, as in flower.
EA = long a (pay) + short a, as in “San Andreas.”
EI = long a.
EU = y + long oo, as in feud.
IA = long e + short a, as in fiat.
IE = long e + long a, as in pietat.
II = long e, held longer than normal.
IO = long e + long o.
IU = long e + long oo.

B = b, as in boy.
C = k, as in color (this is never pronounced like an s).
D = d, as in dark.
F = f, as in fall.
G = g, as in god (this is never pronounced like a j).
H (rare) = ch, as in Scottish loch.
L = l, as in last.
M = m, as in monk.
N = n, as in never (before c or g, ng, as in thank).
P = p, as in part.
QU (rare, from loanwords only) = qu, as in queen.
R = r, as in rust.
S = s, as in sorrow.
T = t, as in tall.

Word Order

  • Istaran uses the word order subject-object-verb. Thus, the sentence “Edso loves you” would actually read “Edso tam probat” — “Edso you loves.”
  • Modifiers (adjectives and adverbs) follow the word they modify. Thus, the phrase “red dog” would actually read “confo ruf” — “dog red.”
  • Prepositions precede the phrase they modify. Thus, “over the bridge” would remain “uban frigo” — “over bridge” (see below for what happens to the “the”).
  • There is no definite article in Church Istaran; any instances of the word “the” should be removed. Thus, “the sword” would simply be “follo” — “sword.”


  • Nouns typically end in o in their subjective form (as found in the dictionary). This ending changes to am if the noun is an object, or to as if the noun is plural (singular or plural).
  • Possessives come before the possessed noun, and take the ending as (singular) or asom (plural). Thus, “sword of kings” would take the order “fricasom follo” — “kings’ sword”.
  • Comparatives (e.g. “stronger”,”larger”) take the ending ior. Superlatives (e.g. “stronger”, “largest”) take the ending iot. Thus, strong/stronger/strongest = trite, triteior, triteiot, and large/larger/largest = ugen, ugenior, ugeniot. Some irregular words, like “better” and “best”, have their own special forms (“sel” and “fid”).
  • Pronouns are not normally used in the subjective case, unless they are meant to be emphatic — “I love you” would simply be “tam probo” — “you love” — with the “I” being understood based on verb conjugation, but “I love you,” stressing the I, would remain “ec tam probo” — “I you love”. Pronouns are:
Case 1st person singular 2nd person singular 3rd person singular 1st person plural 2nd person plural 3rd person plural
Subjective ec ti si nomis bomis sifi
Objective me tam sam nomas bomas sifas
Possessive mas tas sas nomasom bomasom sifasom


  • Verbs typically end in um or ium in the infinitive (as found in the dictionary).
  • Verbs have three tenses — present, past, and future. Other tenses, like past imperfect (e.g., “he was running”), are handled by surrounding words, as in English/Common; these tend to be the verbs obum (“have”) or fum (“be”).
  • Conjugations for the three tenses are as follows (all are word endings):
Tense 1st person singular 2nd person singular 3rd person singular 1st person plural 2nd person plural 3rd person plural
Present o as at amo ato ant
Past im is id imo ito ins
Future u os it imu iti int
  • Past participles take the ending eas.
  • Gerunds take the ending eis.
  • The imperative takes the ending ud (singular) or udo (plural).
  • If the verb’s infinitive ends in “ium” retain the i before all vowels but i — e.g., omitio, “I forge”, but omitim, “I forged”.

Example verb conjugation:

scritum (to walk)
I walk, you walk, he walks — scrito, scritas, scritat
We walk, you walk, they walk — scritamo, scritato, scritant
I walked, you walked, he walked — scritim, scritis, scritit
We walked, you walked, they walked — scritimo, scritito, scritins
I will walk, you will walk, he will walk — scritu, scritos, scritit
We will walk, you will walk, they will walk — scritimu, scrititi, scritint
I have walked, you have walked, he has walked — obo scriteas, obas scriteas, obat scriteas
We have walked, you have walked, they have walked — obamo scriteas, obato scriteas, obant scriteas
I am walking, you are walking, he is walking — fo scriteis, fas scriteas, fat scriteas
We are walking, you are walking, they are walking — famo scriteis, fato scriteis, fant scriteis
Walk! — scritud! (to a single person); scritudo! (to a group)

Example (Canticle of the Dragon)



Hear the sage as his song descends
like heaven’s rain or tears
and washes the years, the dust of many stories
from the High Tale of the Dragonlance
For in ages deep, past memory and word,
in the first blush of the world
when the three moons rose from the lap of the forest,
dragons, terrible and great,
made war on this world of Krynn.

Yet out of the darkness of dragons,
out of our cries for light
in the blank face of the black moon soaring,
a banked light flared in Solamnia,
a knight of truth and power,
who called down the gods themselves
and forged the mighty Dragonlance, piercing the soul
of dragonkind, driving the shade of their wings
from the brightening shores of Krynn.

Thus Huma, knight of Solamnia,
Lightbringer, First Lancer,
followed his light to the foot of the Khalkist Mountains,
to the stone feet of the gods,
to the crouched silence of their temple.
He called down the Lancemakers, he took on
their unspeakable power to crush the unspeakable evil
to thrust the coiling darkness
back down the tunnel of the dragon’s throat.

Paladine, the Great God of Good,
shone at the side of Huma,
strengthening the lance of his strong right arm,
and Huma, ablaze in a thousand moons,
banished the Queen of Darkness,
banished the swarm of her shrieking hosts
back to the senseless kingdom of death, where their curses
swooped down upon nothing and nothing
deep below the land.

Thus ended in thunder the Age of Dreams
and began the Age of Might,
when Istar, kingdom of light and truth, arose in the east,
where minarets of white and gold
spired to the sun and to the sun’s glory,
announcing the passing of evil,
who mothered and cradled the long summers of good,
shone like a meteor
in the white skies of the just.

Istaran Word Order

The sage hear as his song descends
like heaven’s rain or tears
and the years, stories’ many dust washes
from the Dragonlance’s tale high
For in ages deep, past memory and word,
in the world’s blushing first
when the moons three from the forest’s lap
dragons terrible and great
this Krynn-world attacked.

Yet out of dragons’ darkness,
out of our cries for light
in the moon’s black soaring face blank,
a light dimmed flared in Solamnia,
a knight true and powerful,
whom the gods very called down
and the Dragonlance mighty forged, dragons’ soul
piercing, their wings’ shade driving
from Krynn’s shores brightening.

Thus Huma, Solamnia’s knight,
Lightbringer, Lance-man First,
his light followed unto the Khalkist Mountains’ foot,
unto the gods’ feet stone,
unto their temple’s silence crouched.
(He) the Lancemakers called down, (he) their power unspeakable
used the evil unspeakable to crush
the darkness coiling to thrust
back down the dragon’s throat’s tunnel.

Paladine, Good’s God Great,
shone beside Huma,
his sword-arm’s strong lance strengthening,
and Huma, in moons’ thousand fire,
Darkness’ Queen banished,
her hosts’ screaming mob banished
back unto death’s kingdom useless, where
their curses
nothing and nothing swooped upon
below deep the land.

Thus the Dream-age ended in thunder
and the Might-age began,
when Istar, light’s and truth’s kingdom,
arose in the east,
where towers white and golden
spired unto the sun and unto the sun’s glory,
evil’s doom announcing,
who good’s summers long mothered and
shone like quick-fire
in the just’s skies white.


Iscafam clistudo da sas iffo mobat
ilig rufuras rino at daubas
e iuras, sabasom pili mulfam boscat
on Bormofrafas edalo coce.
Partun fe olfas fob, iudun monio e barbo,
fe balfas flisceis porsto
Tan batolas tro on caldas formo ubastins,
bormas adul e migel
tis Crinobalfam cronins.

Oc iudu bormasom inibo,
iudu nomasom gormas do pilo
fe batolas surd ubasteis anso eit
som doboro fommeas liedid fe Solamnia,
som gido sod e rigi,
te usas pila ilanins
e Bormofrafam moubol omitit, bormas pirtam
torlieis, sifasom petirasom scafam brigieis
on Crinas apiras coforeis.

Tus Huma, Solamnias gido,
Pilofiro, Frafobiro Porsto,
sas doboram palid innu Chalcist Clondasom pudo,
innu usas pudas darpe,
innu sifasom aulcas rubo cifileas.
Frafobondas ilanit, sifasom moinam onbitni
nudit adolam onbitni frisum
inibam briteis stobum
cofir nitir bormas bufforas apirpo.

Palado, Bafnas Uso Migel,
didid fis Huma,
sas oranuras trite frafam dromieis,
e Huma, fe batolasom unsenfo frono,
Inibas Benam iedid,
sas onirasom crumieis triogam iedid
cofir innu bolias rigo onnid, por sifasom birbas
nubidam e nubidam fupins anun
folob fob ourfo.

Tus Spuniolfo flonid fe tonoro
e Apalolfo fionid
tan Istaro, pilas e sodas rigo, bogid fe audo,
por durras flag e ilfin
sporins innu silo e innu silas crido,
adolas fumam melfeis,
po bafnas missiras lob mafurid e golfid,
didid ilig craffono
fe ridasom rufuras flag.


The following is a glossary of Church Istaran words paired with the English translation. The list is sorted by the English word.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z


Church Istaran English
Som A
Louson Abandon
Ceinon Abase
Offo Abbot
Ofifum Abide
Moio Ability
Coun Abject
Gonnum Able to, be
Fifono Abode
Unciscum Abominate
Upir About
Fupon Above
Upan Above, from
Fireto Absence
Bitrefum Abstain
Belio Abundance
Iena Abundant
Corbum Abuse; Vilify
Fubro Abyss
Onfirpum Accept; Agree
Torcum Accomplish
Fi According to; By
Dillum Account; Reckon
Aberi Accursed
Purbribum Accuse
Talium Ache (v.)
Angabum Acknowledge
Stronum Acquire
Aigo Acre
Apir Across
Crur Active
Eigum Add to
Iumonium Admonish
Lupudum Adore
Drum Adorn
Corto Adultery
Boffum Advance
Lairo Advice
Lairum Advise
Iblum Afflict
Caurmo Affliction
Pard Afraid
Sittan After
Ib Again
Ibin Again
Opi Against
Olfo Age (n.)
Io Ago
Drobo Agreement
Polstum Aid; Help
Eblum Ail
Ula Alas
Aulo Ale; Beer
Borium Alert, be
Ielig Alike
Bigu Alive
Ullo All
Alipum Allow
Nuc Almost
Carbo Altar
Toc Although
Somli Always
Bapium Amaze
Mife Among
Olforo Ancestor
Uralf Ancient
E And
Bramo Anger
Brod Angry
Felbum Angry, be
Onsomno Anguish
Furo Animal
Melfum Announce
Salpium Anoint
Atir Another
Onsobo Answer (n.)
Onpodo Anvil
Gari Anxious
Pil Any
Pelgo Anyone
Pido Anything
Appor Anywhere
Sonfur Apart
Copo Apartment
Tongum Appear
Cibo Appearance
Plagum Applaud
Obo Apple
Addum Apply
Ficum Appoint
Apofudum Approach
Bridrum Approach
Imifum Approve
Pulpo Arch
Scudino Archer
Bogum Arise
Ouro Ark
Farbo Arm
Sarro Armor
Palgo Army
Imfi Around
Biggum Arouse
Drommum Arrange
Figum Arrive
Lono Arrow
Souro Art
Sorbono Artifice
Tenfin As long as
Da As; Also
Stibum Ascend
Ogso Ash
Scomum Ashame; Embarrass
Prasum Ask
Unslai Asleep
Samnium Assemble; Bring together
Somno Assembly
Dibo Assent
Ores At first
Onest At last
Rigen At once
Polom At times
Du At; To
Blisto Athlete
Fidum Atone
Fuddo Atonement
Cronum Attack
Ponfium Attempt
Cifum Attend to
Mafrio Aunt
Capiso Autumn
Idso Avarice
Bregum Avenge
Mitum Avoid
Unfifum Await
Abagnum Awake; awaken
Bor Aware; Wary
Con Away
Eso Awe
Islig Awful
Augo Axe
Ouso Axle
Ia Aye; Yea; Yes


Church Istaran English
Crigo Back
Cofir Back (adj.)
Ipil Bad
Blo Bag
Fagum Bake
Galu Bald
Glebo Ball
Laigo Balm
Ifannum Ban
Sculo Band
Fando Bane
Iedium Banish
Tupo Banner
Somfo Banquet
Fir Bare
Furgum Bark
Firo Barley
Firno Barn
Iasin Barren
Fosolo Basilisk
Fotium Bathe
Gambo Battle
Bailo Battlefield
Frusto Battlement
Burtum Be
Fanum Be a bane to
Sifat Be it so
Fum Be; Act
Sanfo Beach
Fugino Beacon
Nufo Beak
Fommo Beam
Fauno Bean
Fero Bear
Aginnum Bear a child
Farfo Beard
Nido Beast
Gnissum Beat
Ciforud Beautiful
Blido Beauty
Pur Because
Purtun Because of
Fignum Beckon
Bortum Become
Fefo Bed
Fedilo Beetle
Iedifum Befall
Fapinium Befit
Par Before
Fifegum Beg
Dimum Beget
Boflo Beggar
Fionum Begin
Promo Beginning
Frabum Beguile
Pirum Behave
Caiso Behest
Unlas Behind
Laudum Behold
Rageddum Belch
Ilapo Belief
Ilipum Believe
Fello Bell
Folbum Bellow
Cripo Belly; Womb
Filobum Belong
Lupo Beloved
Sebais Beloved
Folob Below
Pidilo Belt
Fingo Bench
Finfum Bend
Nouton Beneath
Rupum Bereave
Firio Berry
Sombum Beset
Fis Beside
Fisiddum Besiege
Fid Best
Ditium Bestow
Onum Betide
Fesigum Betray
Sel Better
Fibun Between
Iudun Beyond; Past (adv.)
Fofum Bid
Foiro Bier
Fub Big
Itrium Billow
Gibrum Bind
Forgo Birch
Pubulo Bird
Forfo Birth
Fitum Bite
Apor Bitter
Surd Black
Couro Blade
Ego Blade
Tropium Blame
Onnail Blameless
Pnaso Blast
Flaig Bleak
Flifum Bleed
Flemo Blemish
Sinium Bless
Calib Blessed
Sinobo Blessing
Flina Blind
Flonfo Blind man
Efo Bliss
Spodo Blood
Flumo Bloom
Flusto Blossom
Splado Blot
Fribo Blow (hit)
Babum Blow (v.)
Flo Blue
Fibum Blunt
Fliscum Blush
Spono Boar; Pig; Swine
Iltum Boast
Fado Boat
Ligo Body
Aruf Bold
Gento Boldness
Stino Bolt
Capo Bond
Fano Bone
Finto Book
Fogo Boon
Ranfo Border; Rim
Bignum Born, be
Furium Borrow
Poto Bosom
Fen Both
Pluro Bottom
Launo Bounty
Stipo Bow (ship)
Cibum Bow (v.)
Fubo Bow (weapon)
Fallo Bowl
Gesso Box
Gnobo Boy
Frano Brain
Porso Bramble
Delbo Branch; Twig
Brancalo Branchala
Fronfum Brand
Febonum Brandish
Moragnac Brandy
Iro Brass
Fald Brave
Faldo Bravery
Clipo Bread
Pridum Break
Suppo Breast
Fonco Breastplate
Ardo Breath
Urtium Breathe
Pito Breeze
Frifo Bride
Frigo Bridge
Fribio Bridle
Dromo Brigade
Cofor Bright
Coforum Brighten
Spiplo Brimstone
Pidium Bring
Gennum Bring forward
Sif Broad
Froso Bronze
Soutum Brood over
Fro Brother
Frio Brow
Fonn Brown
Lailo Bruise
Spabo Buckle
Adomfrum Build
Cuso Building; Hut
Forteno Burden
Spilum Burn
Forbum Bury
Tombo Business
Oc But; yet
Gufudo Butter
Gabium Buy


Church Istaran English
Ielombo Calamity
Stergo Calf
Gullium Call
Bigo Camp
Porfo Campaign
Mabum Can (v.)
Gonfelo Candle
Ribolo Canon
Urbano Canticle
Balco Captive
Pum Capture; Grasp
Reggum Care
Smulig Careful
Ursur Careless
Boilo Carnage
Plasig Carnal
Somflium Carouse
Oso Carrion
Bebum Carry
Grodo Cart
Forbano Castle
Godo Cat
Ilogum Catch
Iefum Cause; Inflict
Scrapo Cave
Flonnum Cease
Gefiro Cedar
Morsum Celebrate
Ublig Celestial
Gud Certain
Iorni Certainly
Gaupo Chaff
Somo Chain
Stulo Chair
Golgo Chalice
Galgo Chalk
Netum Challenge
Gapo Chamber
Fortibo Chamberlain
Gimbo Champion
Nito Chance
Obefum Change
Arbum Chant
Olobi Chaos
Iufeto Chapel
Scrifo Chariot
Olmiso Charity
Malscro Charm, magical
Polbum Chase
Gusco Chastity
Flengum Cheat
Cloro Cheek
Dadum Cheer
Flid Cheerful
Geso Cheese
Frosdo Chest (body)
Urgo Chest (storage)
Gobum Chew
Gigo Chicken
Strenilo Chieftain
Farno Child
Gelo Chill
Gonno Chin
Gorio Choice
Purtrisum Choke
Igousum Choose
Gono Chosen
Igouso Chosen
Gorgo Church
Sonfiro Cinder
Brito Circle; Ring
Forforo Citizen
Forbio City
Pannum Claim
Crumo Clamor
Cnidum Clash
Glo Claw
Lomo Clay; Loam
Glai Clean
Pilsum Cleanse
Romum Clear; Make room
Glopum Cleave; Split
Icafo Cleric
Rad Clever
Bullo Cliff
Astibum Climb
Ripo Cloak
Gustro Cloister
Icenfi Close (adj.)
Glisum Close; Shut
Bufo Cloth
Scrifum Clothe
Codiro Clothing
Bulgo Cloud
Soblo Club
Sto Coast
Gordilo Coat
Geli Cold
Isamnium Collect
Cibro Color
Udenso Colossus
Ifo Combat
Bum Come
Aponfum Come here
Priprum Comfort
Icodum Command
Ufafo Commandment
Porinium Commit a crime
Iumin Common
Silfo Companion
Coso Company
Moltudo Compassion
Nifum Compel
Pollitum Complete; Fulfill
Iporo Comrade
Cilum Conceal; Hide
Iforium Concern
Parfimum Condemn
Onfiddum Confess
Nirbum Confine
Enbo Confinement
Middo Conflict
Latobo Congregation
Olegum Conquer
Icolum Consecrate
Itapium Consent to
Smubum Consider
Pruprum Console
Tegum Consume
Sogum Contend; Struggle
Piddo Contest
Bonium Continue; Stay; Remain
Son Continuous; Perpetual
Ibalfum Control
Iporpum Convert
Galium Cool
Uro Copper
Pado Corn
Pamo Corner
Billo Corpse
Iric Correct
Mirilso Corruption
Gitum Could
Rono Council
Refo Counsel
Dellum Count
Malfo Country
Cupio Courtyard
Bricum Cover
Podo Cow
Orbo Cowardice
Fullo Cowl
Groffo Crab
Gragium Crack
Golfo Cradle
Surro Craft; Skill
Bondo Craftsman; Artisan; maker
Longum Crawl
Dromum Create
Bucdo Creature
Munno Crime
Burbo Criminal
Gublum Cripple
Boc Crooked
Famum Cross
Grobo Crow
Trono Crowd
Cero Crown
Miceram Crown of Power
Brand Cruel
Frusum Crumble
Frisum Crush; Pound
Grigo Crutch
Gormo Cry
Crubum Cry (v.)
Argo Cup
Lagnium Cure
Birbo Curse
Birbum Curse (v.)
Falstiro Cushion
Sifo Custom
Slidum Cut; Slit


Church Istaran English
Filo Dale
Purbo Dam
Merrum Damage
Fonnum Dance
Prigo Danger
Forrum Dare
Caso Dark
Catmo Dark
Inibo Darkness
Bolo Dart
Fucuro Daughter
Ucdo Dawn
Fabo Day
Part Dead
Fau Deaf
Fore Dear
Bolio Death
Polium Decay
Ploco Deceit
Asticum Decide
Fulmo Decree
Tono Deed
Fob Deep
Purslum Defeat
Aulium Defend
Polum Defile
Olfum Delay
Bonno Delight
Scelfum Deliver
Felpum Delve
Scugo Demon
Feno Den
Alobum Deny
Aparum Depart
Aporrum Deprive of
Cagorum Deride
Mobum Descend
Mobano Descendant
Bistro Desert
Ormium Deserve
Listum Desire
Armufo Despair
Oibum Despise
Clatium Despoil
Escado Destiny
Biflo Destitution
Spolum Destroy
Belfo Destruction
Unsconum Detest
Eitum Devastate
Fupulo Devil
Predum Devour
Bulmum Die
Daplo Die (gaming)
Arput Difficult
Bropum Dig
Itontu Dignity
Fommium Dim
Monsium Diminish
Fibbum Dip; Immerse
Odol Dire
Cadum Direct; Order; Tell
Bodo Dirt
Sul Dirty
Spitrium Disappear
Peripo Disc
Iubro Disciple
Tusco Discipline
Opofum Discover
Oflo Disease; Infirmity
Obisco Disgrace
Fisco Dish; Plate
Iorbum Dishearten
Aipisum Dislike
Daparum Disperse
Oubum Display
Trodum Displease
Aftan Displeasure
Porlo Distance
Porlin Distant
Goro Distress
Friddium Distribute
Imarium Disturb
Figo Ditch
Fupum Dive; Swoop
Scofum Divide
Ufib Divine
Ifum Do
Laro Doctrine
Brido Document
Confo Dog; Hound
Usolo Donkey
Fumo Doom
Povum Doom
Dobum Doubt; Hesitate
Faco Dough
Fupo Dove
Nitir Down
Croro Downfall
Adum Drag
Bormo Dragon
Daium Draw
Oncerum Dread
Spunio Dream
Spunium Dream (v.)
Croblum Dress
Subum Drink; Sip
Brigium Drive
Apisum Drive away
Fradum Drop
Ofrengum Drown
Fongen Drunk
Torrum Dry
Fom Dumb; Mute; Speechless
Darfo Dung
Tapoli During
Fuso Dusk
Mulfo Dust
Rico Duty
Borbo Dwarf
Bonum Dwell
Saloro Dwelling
Dilbo Dye


Church Istaran English
Polg Each
Pus Eager
Ourno Eagle
Auro Ear
Airn Early
Arnium Earn
Cruso Earth
Audo East
Ete Easy
Irdum Eat; Sup
Uffium Ebb
Fromo Edge
Ilo Eel
Ibono Effort
Abbo Egg
Acda Eight
Ie Either
Elfro Elder
Smigro Elegant
Ilbenfo Elephant
Rorum Elevate; Raise
Influ Eleven
Olpo Elf
Oitil Elite
Elmo Elm
Beful Eloquent
Ill Else
Ellur Elsewhere
Golbo Ember
Felfum Embolden
Glibbum Embrace
Ulf Eminent
Fido Emperor
Gasiro Emperor
Eit Empty; blank
Siddirum Encamp
Ialfum Enchant
Donum Enclose
Gluso Enclosure
Midrum Encounter
Cirdum Encourage
Flonum End
Trubium Endure
Punfo Enemy
Lado Enemy; Foe
Bipum Enfold
Nudium Enjoy
Ulidum Enlighten
Noc Enough
Brimium Enrage
Itubium Enslave
Gomum Enter
Pormum Entertain
Aspanum Entice
Poll Entire
Mito Entrance
Iernum Entreat
Fupastum Entrust
Opesto Envy
Ilig Equal; Like
Corstum Equip
Corsdo Equipment
Ofolium Erase
Rairum Erect
Fisium Err
Orinfo Errand
Slifo Error
Firstum Escape
Rebnium Establish
Donto Estate
Aucium Esteem
Igi Eternal
Egno Eternity
Im Even
Aipino Evening
Burfo Event
Opa Ever
Cunanpur Evermore
Aig Every
Iepo Everyone
Ollo Everything
Iepor Everywhere
Sibno Evidence; Mark
Adolo Evil
Ubo Ewe
Port Exact
Fiseno Example
Primi Excellent
Nupen Except
Upire Excessive
Brigsum Exchange
Anstorium Excite
Ubanbo Excrement
Lafium Excuse
Spiffum Execute
Belliro Executioner
Abudum Exhaust
Fropum Exile
Bensum Expect
Pairo Expedition
Iudium Expel
Prafo Experience
Nusium Explore
Scubium Expose
Tenium Extend
Abindum Extinguish
Morsium Extol
Ude Extra
Cretum Exult
Au Eye


Church Istaran English
Ansum Face
Anso Face (n.)
Banium Fade
Aligum Fail
Spigum Fail
Scini Fair
Drubo Faith
Pail Faithful
Capogo Falcon
Iebrum Fall
Pulu Fallow
Los False
Crato Fame
Gonio Family
Conboro Famine
Mair Famous
Porr Far
Oporium Farewell
Bortibo Farm
Podi Fast (adj.)
Pistum Fast (v.)
Smur Fat
Ipito Fate
Pafiro Father
Esdo Favor
Abo Fear
Somflo Feast
Pitiro Feather
Pefum Feed
Pelum Feel
Gurlo Fello
Siffio Fellowship
Purno Fern
Bolmio Fervor
Moisso Festival
Peggum Fetch
Piduro Fetter
Pipiro Fever
Pau Few
Pigul Fickle
Pitilo Fiddle
Iedribo Fidelity
Pelfo Field
Ponfo Fiend
Pell Fierce
Poren Fiery
Bibo Fight
Apollum Fill
Polto Filth
Ponno Fin
Idumes Finally
Midum Find
Poniro Finger
Fidonum Finish
Frono Fire
Carf Firm; Hardy
Porsto First
Bournon First level of ecclestiastical reprimand
Forpurmo First Son
Pisco Fish
Pisdo Fist
Pibum Fit
Pip Five
Libo Flame
Liedo Flash; Flare
Liedum Flash; Flare (v.)
Uliggum Flatter
Lonco Flax
Culfium Flay
Plau Flea
Plobum Flee
Pliso Fleece
Plado Fleet
Plosco Flesh
Plonno Flint
Spommum Float
Oubo Flock
Fesonbum Flog
Plufo Flood
Scilpo Floor
Brifium Flourish
Ornium Flow
Plubum Fly
Paimum Foam
Pulfum Fold
Tufo Folk
Palium Follow
Paliro Follower
Onbisto Folly
Medo Food; Meal
Bisio Fool
Pudo Foot
Do For
Partun For, because
Purufum Forbid
Fibuliam Forbidden library
Neifum Force
Baifo Ford
Burgo Foreigner
Caldo Forest; Woods
Bidein Foretold
Dulfer Forever
Omitium Forge
Purdum Forget
Paripum Forgive
Parpum Forgive
Purido Forgotten Place
Ceibum Form
Airro Former
Parlium Fornicate
Bitsagum Forsake
Aftongum Forswear
Iborgo Fort
Parf Forth
Sana Forthwith
Fidlum Fortify
Sildo Fortune
Paron Forward
Pastrium Foster
Pol Foul; Impure
Osiddium Found
Stotulo Foundation
Siddenum Founder
Bonlo Fountain
Poubir Four
Poubirta Fourth
Pubolo Fowl
Pagso Fox
Frimo Fragment
Stingo Fragrance
Difri Frail
Prubum Free
Prufo Freedom
Gulium Freeze
Nuson Frequent
Bono Friend
Lite Friendly
Siffo Friendship
Unibum Frighten
Dasco Frog; Toad
On From
Op From
Paran Front of, in
Purdo Frost
Apido Fruit
Icorstum Fry
Plimo Fugitive
Saif Full
Amfico Function
Litino Funeral
Upino Furnace
Dubum Furnish; Prepare
Toin Further
Ma Furthermore
Partesco Future


Church Istaran English
Flisso Gaiety
Iebum Gain
Peto Gait; Movement
Iullo Gall
Bolbo Gallows
Bameno Game
Bombo Gang
Ionum Gape
Iorfo Garden
Crolo Garment
Foro Gate; Door; Portal
Somnium Gather
Bodlo Gauntlet
Storium Gaze
Iarbo Gear
Iomo Gem
Cirido General
Imoin General (Adj.)
Gnuriso Generation
Molfi Generous
Rub Gentle
Irgon Genuine
Ifarum Gesture
Idum Get
Pobum Get in
Bosdo Ghost
Torso Giant
Ipo Gift
Ensig Gigantic
Bulfium Gild
Iorfum Gird
Mibo Girl
Anlicum Give
Sellum Give
Asclebum Give battle
Difrum Give birth
Apipum Give up
Spigium Give way
Flite Glad
Aridum Gladden
Blum Gleam
Blifum Glide
Blidenium Glisten
Ligsum Glitter
Blurmo Gloom; Twilight
Mairum Glorify
Mare Glorious
Crido Glory
Blopo Glove
Blubum Glow
Upiro Gluttony
Bristium Gnash
Boido Gnat
Bobum Gnaw
Oporum Go away; Begone
Isigum Go to
Porum Go; Fare; Go forth
Bafum Goad
Bodro Goat
Uso God
Bulfo Gold
Ilfin Golden
Prum Good
Bafno Good (n.)
Fubum Good, be
Bufilo Gospel
Ragium Govern
Scormo Governor
Litso Grace
Oro Grace; Mercy
Este Gracious
Gurno Grain; Wheat
Ulpaifo Grandfather
Nipo Grandson
Lum Grant
Iarso Grass
Cutmo Grave
Migel Great
Bistibo Great Arena in Lattakay
Barigon Great Plaza
Prego Greed
Bren Green
Bredium Greet
Casi Grey
Saro Grief; Wound
Sarium Grieve
Brom Grim; Savage
Bronfum Grind
Bribum Grip
Moinum Groan
Bomo Groom
Palfo Ground; Soil
Ino Group
Alum Grow
Obugsum Grow up
Barum Guard
Iudulo Guardian
Bosodo Guest
Stouro Guidance
Bistum Guide
Ebissum Guide truly
Iolfo Guild
Ludo Guile
Ioldo Guilt
Biuddo Gut


Church Istaran English
Habbakas Habbakuk
Breno Habit
Sa Hail
Cabolo Hail (weather)
Cairo Hair
Roc Hairy
Culpo Half
Solio Hall
Colium Hallow
Stubbium Halt
Comuro Hammer
Pulmo Hand
Cilpo Handle
Ocum Hang
Forium Happen
Sailo Happiness
Dad Happy
Cido Harbor
Slite Hard
Stelum Harden
Curtur Hardhearted
Arpodo Hardship
Caro Hare
Curgnium Harken
Moldistro Harlot
Bronum Harm; do ill
Foidum Harness
Courbo Harp
Eddum Harrow
Cirium Harry; Raid
Iugur Harsh; Severe
Ribum Harvest; Reap
Upuso Haste
Istum Hasten
Caido Hat
Afeso Hatchet
Codium Hate; Loathe
Lad Hateful
Anfo Hatred
Pirmu Haughty
Conedum Haunt
Obum Have
Caipo Haven
Copogo Hawk
Cebo Hay
Capulo Head
Cailum Heal
Cilenfo Healer
Coilo Health; Well-being
Col Healthy
Clistum Hear; Listen
Supo Heart
Cerdum Hearten
Courdo Hearth
Spolo Heat
Coito Heathen
Rufuro Heaven; Sky
Spor Heavy
Cabio Hedge
Iomum Heed
Cuco Heel
Cito Height
Lufo Heir
Cello Hell
Celmo Helmet
Canibo Hemp
Cinno Hen
Conon Hence
Priggo Herald
Bordio Herb
Corfo Herd
Cifir Here
Cir Here
Fabalo Heresy
Ibulmo Heretic
Orpo Heritage
Spano Hersman
Pello Hide; Skin; Leather
Coce High
Forbo Hill
Clido Hillside; Slope
Coldo Hilt
Limmum Hinder
Cipo Hip
Corium Hire
Coro Hireling
Ponum Hiss
Tufido Historian
Stiro History
Ciddum Hit
Cifiri Hither
Carfium Hoard
Cromo Hoarfrost
Calfum Hold
Cinfum Hold in the hand
Saudo Hole
Pulp Hollow
Calebo Holly
Bio Holy
Ristifo Holy Day
Drubio Honesty
Conebo Honey
Arbuto Honor
Arbuteis Honored
Cafo Hood
Cupo Hoof
Cugo Hook
Cabbium Hop
Cabo Hope
Urbin Hopeless
Carno Horn
Carnid Horned
Adol Horrible
Angito Horror
Curso Horse
Orufo Horseman
Oniro Host (mob)
Iselo Hostage
Cedul Hostile
Cad Hot
Difo Hour
Selo House
Cibano Household
Sumium Hover
Ci How
Tucno However
Tudum Howl
Cifilum Huddle; Crouch
Floco Hue
Monno Human
Utmu Humble
Ieconum Humiliate
Corifo Hundred
Conbrum Hunger
Conbrib Hungry
Connium Hunt
Conno Hunter
Scufum Hurry
Agum Hurt
Birro Husband
Lassono Hymn


Church Istaran English
Ec I
Iso Ice
Igilo Icicle
Ifil Idle
Fuplo Idol
Fupulfo Idolatry
Tair If
Fismo Ignominy
Nidenno Ignorance
Sug Ill
Sucdo Illness
Dugium Ill-treat
Lecdan Illuminate
Mori Illustrious
Anligo Image
Asmubum Imagine
Uncorium Imitate
San Immediate
Ormen Immense
Quasito Imp
Scata Imperial soldier
Arlus Impious
Bufium Improve
Poldo Impurity
Fe In
Imineli In common
Bind In exchange for
Toid In order that
Dasate In sooth
Calonn In vain
Regilso Incense
Ongo Inch
Dicdo Incite
Cilfum Incline
Migelium Increase
Cordu Indeed
Oiso Infamy
Pitto Infantry
Unailum Inflame
Milfum Inform
Ontongo Ingratitude
Barnium Inhabit
Fimbo Inhabitant
Lopum Inherit
Pollium Initiate
Polludo Initiation
Scettum Injure
Carmo Injury
Faglo Ink
Onno Inn
Onna Inner
Folibo Innocence
Pribum Inquire
Bridum Inscribe
Guporo Insect
Onn Inside
Iecobium Inspect
Onsto Instant
Daigum Instruct
Fismirum Insult
Aneddo Intelligence
Aned Intelligent
Tingum Intend
Urmid Intense
Cico Intent; aim
Imono Intercourse
Membium Intercourse, have
Ireggum Interpret
Furpribum Interrogate
Onnu Into
Onarb Intrepid
Isigium Invade
Ponfum Invent
Latium Invite
Onbur Inward
Oreno Iron
Ebo Island
Sam It
Sas Its
Ipibo Ivy


Church Istaran English
Tasabo Jaw
Gitalo Jewel
Fuboso Jewelry
Tifum Join
Pubo Joint
Sido Journey
Bilio Joy
More Joyous
Fumum Judge
Fomo Judgment; Verdict
Sobo Juice
Stellium Jump
Rid Just
Upine Just (adv.)
Portom Just as
Irico Justice
Irido Justice
Ricdo Justice


Church Istaran English
Golo Keel
Gini Keen
Gibum Keep
Cindro Kender
Gidilo Kettle
Gabo Key
Spornum Kick
Slum Kill
Gorno Kin
Prime Kind
Oilum Kindle
Estib Kindly
Prumo Kindness
Frico King
Rigo Kingdom; Realm
Babo Kingpriest
Mabo Kinsman
Jolitho Kiri-Jolith
Gissum Kiss
Gigio Kitchen
Gico Knave
Gnifum Knead
Go Knee
Goblium Kneel
Sogso Knife
Gido Knight
Gniddum Knit
Gonssum Knock
Guddo Knot
Bidum Know
Nidum Know not
Iupro Knowledge; Lore
Guf Known


Church Istaran English
Spongo Labor
Bano Lack
Clafiro Ladder
Prubo Lady
Finno Lair
Miro Lake
Lomfo Lamb
Culd Lame
Congo Lame Person
Banum Lament
Mainum Lament; Complain
Lucudo Lamp
Frafo Lance
Ourfo Land
Lenfum Land a boat
Agiro Land, arable
Itilo Land, native
Sprigo Language
Alpido Lantern
Formo Lap
Ugen Large
Idume Last
Idime Last (adj.)
Listrum Last (v.)
Side Late
Cliccum Laugh
Claco Laughter
Imido Law; Measure
Alepi Lawful
Legum Lay
Fecapium Lay claim to
Isabum Lay low
Itum Lay waste; Ravage
Labifum Layman
Slag Lazy
Loufo Lead (metal)
Lifum Lead (v.)
Biso Leader
Flifo Leaf
Clego Leak
Cline Lean (adj.)
Cloinum Lean (v.)
Stillum Leap
Pribnum Learn
Bis Learned; Wise
Lodo Least
Parum Leave
Oparum Leave behind
Parlaido Leavetaking
Balo Lechery
Bonistro Left (side)
Birafo Legion
Licum Lend
Libro Length
Lenbum Lengthen
Craup Leprous
Bon Less
Bornium Lessen; Wane
Tilis Lest
Loidum Let
Udum Let
Stopo Letter; Writing
Upin Level
Labif Lewd
Labo Liar
Fugeso Library
Liggium Lick
Clifo Lid
Ligum Lie (down)
Lio Lie (n.)
Lubum Lie (tell)
Sodum Lie in wait
Sobolo Life
Arsab Lifeless
Ciffum Lift; Raise up
Doboro Light
Pilo Light
Pilofiro Lightbringer
Lopo Lightning
Ilicdum Ligthen
Ligium Like (v.)
Spasomo Likeness
Mifi Likewise
Lolo Lily
Isco Limb
Murgium Limit
Iumed Limitation
Otilo Lineage
Lonno Linen
Lo Lion
Libbo Lip
La Listen! (rhet.)
Lit Lithe
Pun Little
Ourfum Live
Lipiro Liver
Nodo Livestock
Flod Livid
Pa Lo
Clofum Load
Clapo Loaf
Laino Loan
Codi Loathsome
Glusto Lock
Onnium Lodge
Stub Lofty
Lob Long
Pon Long ago
Lenium Long for
Lani Long time, for a
Labodo Longing
Iesum Look
Lamo Loom
Alisum Loosen
Cilmo Lord
Parlusum Lose
Lusium Lost, to be
Clodo Lot
Cluf Loud
Probum Love
Pronfo Lover
Caun Low
Clabum Low (v.)
Cinum Lower
Cun Lowly; Poor
Drubi Loyal
Drudo Loyalty
Soido Luck
Auf Lucky
Glombro Lump of metal
Spanum Lure
Ludium Lurk
Ludro Lurker
Luso Lust


Church Istaran English
Baf Mad
Bufiso Madness
Igraido Magic
Ulfarmo Magistrate
Minio Maiden
Cirifo Mail
Maiaro Majere
Trifo Majesty
Borgium Make
Ungobum Make known
Iurbium Make ready
Obiddo Malice
Biro Man
Bomio Man
Ibbum Manifest
Magono Mankind
Imodo Manner
Tobo Manner (moral)
Como Manor; Home
Ripudo Mantle
Pili Many; Much
Mirrum Mar
Stubbum March
Mero Mare
Dagnum Mark (v.)
Gasto Market
Cimefo Marriage
Morico Marrow
Caimo Marry
Penno Marsh
Frebo Marshal
Trubiro Martyr
Trubono Martyrdom
Bonforo Marvel
Bromo Mask; Visor
Brud Massive
Selofo Mast
Curro Master
Imago Mate
Iribium Mature; Ripen
Mubum May
Me Me
Mifo Mead
Moibo Meadow
Snifum Meal, take a
Cuno Mean
Topoli Meanwhile
Medum Measure
Meddo Meat
Midium Mediate
Ligifo Medicine
Tengum Meditate
Bredum Meet
Iumodo Meeting
Imudo Meeting-place
Baponno Melodrama, rhyming
Bisso Melody
Meldum Melt
Lommo Member
Monio Memory
Ifidum Mend
Nomium Mention
Gibumo Merchant
Molfe Merciful
Ornobo Merit
Frumo Merriment
Flit Merry
Molfium Merviful, be
Ibisto Message
Orenfo Message
Fifilo Messenger
Orino Metal
Mitium Metal, work
Failum Mete out
Onfirno Midday
Miffo Middle
Mifendo Midnight
Apalo Might
Mucdum Might (v.)
Moubol Mighty
Efisa Milady
Bete Mild
Molo Mile
Mulgo Milk
Moleno Mill
Aulforo Milord
Supio Mind
Imon Mindful
Mono Mine
Flanfum Mingle
Tembo Minister
Timbium Minister (v.)
Dogeno Miracle
Bomino Mirth
Anifo Mischief
Scolfo Misdeed
Isiro Miser
Brago Misery
Dribo Misfortune
Mishako Mishakal
Febellum Mislead
Missum Miss
Iebo Mist
Cirbum Mistreat
Membum Mix
Triogo Mob
Cibbum Mock
Cusco Mockery
Midono Moderation
Subo Moisture
Molfo Mold
Malo Mole
Ropium Molest
Stonfo Moment
Puco Money
Monugo Monk
Mostiro Monsastery
Elbido Monster
Galinfo Month
Pirtio Mood
Batolo Moon
Moro Moor
Sifio Morality
Mos More
Murino Morning
Ieplo Morsel
Fofli Mortal
Moso Moss
Spitas Most
Matto Moth
Mafuro Mother
Bado Motion
Clondo Mountain
Binarum Mourn
Binaro Mourning
Muso Mouse
Mudo Mouth
Miuto Mouth, river-
Logum Move
Barno Multitude
Bollio Murder
Fono Murderer; Slayer
Belo Music
Mustum Must
Glomium Mutter
Mas My
Ronio Mystery


Church Istaran English
Nibo Nail
For Naked
Bimum Name
Cado Name
Agitum Name; proclaim; dub
Ene Narrow
Etilo Nation
Pulgo Nation; Tribe
Etelo Native land
Igonfo Nature
Naco Naught
Scibiro Navy
Nec Near
Bil Nearly
Torp Necessary
Nifo Necessity
Culso Neck
Siblo Necklace
Tarpum Need
Torpum Need
Torpo Need (v.)
Niflo Needle
Tarpi Needy
Paromum Neglect
Saine Negligent
Nei Neither
Sudirbo Nephew
Nisdo Nest
Neddo Net
Afon Nether
Niri Never
Tacna Nevertheless
Nib New
Nibon Newly
Forice Next to
Nece Nigh
Nico Night
Nicis Night, at
Nibun Nine
Nio No
Nispitur No more
Nen No one
Ni No; Not
Aifol Noble
Duruc Noble
Orlo Nobleman
Bamo Noise
Girmum Noise, make
Nan None
Ne Nor
Nurd North
Naso Nose
Nusto Nostril
Nobic Not at all
Onporr Not far off
Notod Not only
Nubido Nothing
Uponfum Notice
Pifum Nourish
Tanne Now
Niuto Now then
Nopir Nowhere
Nom Numb
Dolo Number
Burno Number of, large
Mongino Nun
Cinudo Nut


Church Istaran English
Ogo Oak
Orro Oar
Odo Oat
Ado Oath; Pledge
Cirsom Obedient
Cirum Obey
Fedum Obstain
Gorro Occasion
Uparum Occupy
Ielum Occur
Calmo Ocean
Mif Of
Up Off
Littum Offend
Fufum Offer
Lago Offering
Ofido Office
Iripo Officer
Irupo Officer
Bugoro Offspring
Ud Often
Ilio Oil
Smuro Ointment
Cor Old
Elfo Old age
Eilfo Old person
Alfium Old, grow
On On
Anes Once
Muno One
Ana Only
Roso Onslaught
Pardo Onward
Anlugum Open
Ibbi Open (adj.)
Benno Opinion
Annin Opposite to
Trostum Oppress
Traco Oppression
At Or
Rufo Orange
Tolio Orator
Ifituso Oratory
Coiso Order
Arro Ore
Gommo Origin
Milo Ornament
Stugolo Orphan
Utir Other; Next; Second
Illis Otherwise
Ucum Ought
Nas Our
Nosom Our
Iud Out
Iudu Out of
Udira Outer
Corsto Outfit
Udlo Outlaw
Retio Outrage
Udon Outside
Apino Oven
Uban Over
Apigum Overcome
Plifum Overflow
Iporum Overrun
Apirsum Oversee
Apporum Overtake
Upurbum Overthrow
Ubenfum Overturn
Olo Owl
Ain Own (adj.)
Abum Own; Possess
Info Owner
Agso Ox


Church Istaran English
Petum Pace
Seshya Paella
Caitin Pagan (adj.)
Coitino Pagan (n.)
Soro Pain
Absom Painful
Palado Paladine
Bumo Palate
Flad Pale
Fladium Pale (v.)
Balmo Palm tree
Flagono Palor
Banno Pan
Fupello Paper
Fispello Parable
Upen Parallel
Fagillo Parchment
Olfro Parent
Burrugo Park
Foilo Part
Daimum Part (v.)
Rurfium Partake of
Folo Partition
Cliddo Partner
Frobum Pass
Ibidum Pass away
Eirnum Pass by
Blifium Pass over
Torbum Pass through
Apirpo Passage; Tunnel
Caturdo Passion
Cod Passionate
Lombo Past
Efisco Pasture
Baido Path
Tolfo Patience
Tolfi Patient
Baiflo Pauper
Drapo Pavilion
Iolfum Pay
Ielfo Payment
Lisso Peace; Truce
Smald Peaceful
Bao Peacock
Mibrudo Pearl
Balsto Pebble
Scrufium Peel
Binno Pen
Pollum Penetrate
Buburo Pepper
Anedum Perceive
Prume Perfect
Fibrum Perform
Coru Perhaps
Turpo Peril
Olfio Period
Frusium Perish
Otrigo Perjury
Laupo Permission
Tapium Permit
Icdum Persecute
Cedo Persecution
Truci Persistent
Pugo Person
Dicum Persuade
Praide Perverse
Storpo Pestilence
Fento Petition
Sconno Phantom; Spectre
Ufido Philosopher
Logio Physician
Onubum Pick
Lesum Pick out
Stiggo Piece
Torlium Pierce
Torel Pierced
Opoisto Piety
Clafum Pile up
Iecirium Pillage
Stobulo Pillar
Bino Pine
Aipo Pious
Sarongo Pirate
Migium Piss
Biddo Pit
Ergo Pitcher
Molso Pity
Stello Place
Banbo Plain
Pafium Plan
Dobolo Planet
Falfo Plank
Blanno Plant
Logium Play
Bet Pleasant
Listium Please
Bollo Pleasure
Polso Plenty
Ienu Plenty of
Blidro Plight
Brengum Plot
Irium Plough; Till
Clutium Plunder
Ieffo Poem
Lusono Poetry
Bafo Point
Aduro Poison
Oidrin Poisonous
Febum Polish
Biflium Pollute
Coldio Pommel
Brasso Pomp
Mirino Pond
Smabum Ponder
Boulo Pool
Onabo Poor man
Bardo Port
Iaduro Porter
Fillo Portion
Figarfo Portside
Stefo Position, military
Fupalsum Possess (devil)
Furmo Possession
Benoma Possibly
Budo Post
Piro Pot
Graidi Potent
Scengum Pour
Audum Pour out
Ormo Poverty
Moino Power
Rigi Powerful
Forum Praise
Fiffum Pray
Fino Prayer
Ligibo Prayer for the battle-dead
Fufium Preach
Fori Precious
Parsigum Predict
Ugren Pregnant
Scripum Prescribe
Mifiso Presence
Eibum Present; Show
Nirium Preserve; Save
Tibum Press
Triggum Press upon
Itrombo Pressure
Ligeddum Pretend
Pucdum Prevail
Liddum Prevent
Gubo Price
Mufo Pride
Brodo Priest
Burdiro Prison
Coipo Prisoner
Caipium Prisoner, take
Ubono Privy (n.)
Baflum Proceed
Fanno Proclamation
Difum Produce
Niddo Profit
Daumo Progeny
Codum Promise; Dub
Fito Proof
Britium Prop up; Sustain
Iumi Proper
Aino Property
Bidebo Prophecy
Bidium Prophesy
Onfuno Proportion
Tum Prosper
Ifto Prosperity
Tonen Prosperous
Cefum Protect
Clobo Protection
Cilno Protector
Rang Proud
Mufium Proud, be
Fibello Proverb
Dolum Provide
Neso Provisions
Iebrimum Provoke
Culsto Prow
Snudarno Prudence
Snudor Prudent
Ofire Public
Dabbiro Publican
Dum Pull
Brigum Punish; Wreak
Brogo Punishment
Lorno Pupil
Gobo Purchase
Glain Pure
Gloinno Purity
Baillen Purple
Parsedo Purpose
Scupum Push; Shove
Stellum Put
Unfum Put on
Pisum Put to flight; Impel
Aspiffum Put to sleep
Failo Pyre


Church Istaran English
Bogrium Quake
Plidum Quarrel
Beno Queen
Bellum Quell
Bengum Quench
Iasso Quest
Prabo Question
Craf Quick
Crote Quickly
Stoll Quiet


Church Istaran English
Streno Race
Roggo Rack
Scomo Radiance
Plodo Raft
Isto Rage
Rino Rain
Ronum Rain (v.)
Refabo Rainbow
Rogo Rake
Rommo Ram
Bullio Rampart
Cofo Rank; State
Allisum Ransom
Rupium Rape
Silf Rare
Spitorum Rather
Cripno Raven
Lumo Ray of light
Duborum Raze
Ifium Reach
Rofum Read
Ouri Ready
Ribiro Reaper
Rarum Rear
Bisto Reason; Wisdom
Traubum Rebuke
Monfium Recall
Ampum Receive
Nibi Recent
Brigdum Recite
Rilas Reckless
Gnobum Recognize
Iesumum Reconcile
Iumono Record
Birbrum Recover (heal)
Creffum Recover; Rescue
Ruf Red
Rufum Redden
Olisum Redeem
Liseno Redemption
Iedum Reduce
Crofo Reed
Crulum Reel
Smum Reflect
Alco Refuge
Plemo Refugee
Bernum Refuse
Olibum Refute
Mornum Regret
Rebulo Regulation
Riso Reign
Risium Reign (v.)
Obitum Reject
Ielbum Rejoice
Parblefum Rekindle
Sifro Relationship
Cilbo Relative
Gnalo Relative
Duslubum Relax
Olsum Release
Lapo Relic; Remnant; Legacy
Apostno Religion
Aplodum Relinquish
Lagno Remedy
Iumonum Remember
Imonium Remind
Aporium Remove
Perrum Remove to
Crenfum Rend
Oipum Render
Inibium Renew
Iufidum Repair
Ielfum Repay
Firougum Repent
Sobum Report
Iedagium Represent
Adidum Reproach
Trubum Reprove
Finum Request
Prosium Require
Siddo Residence
Borano Resident
Bistafum Resist
Anrif Resolute
Clommum Resound
Orium Respect
Pordo Respite
Robo Rest
Soidum Rest; Wait
Stribino Resting place
Bipri Restless
Udopum Restore
Idrum Restrain
Naurbo Restricted
Ononnum Resume
Irisum Resurrect
Isido Retainer
Frigum Retch
Pulbo Retinue
Romium Retreat
Gorrum Return
Iubenium Reveal
Ubrenno Revelation
Blumo Revelry
Bragio Revenge
Maido Reverence
Lacrium Revile
Spipum Revolve
Luno Reward
Lunium Reward (v.)
Romo Rhyme
Riffo Rib
Bordo Rice
Belib Rich; Wealthy
Bilo Riches; Wealth
Criffum Rid; purge
Rifelo Riddle
Rifum Ride
Rifo Rider
Folgo Ridge
Ric Right (adj.)
Ailo Right (n.)
Spitri Right (side)
Apod Righteous
Ricis Righteous
Riciso Righteousness
Rice Rightly
Numium Ring out
Spollum Rinse
Dirum Rip
Ribi Ripe
Ubastum Rise; soar
Enitum Risk
Liginon Rite for the Dead
Apanfo Rite of Testing
Stromo River
Stodo Riverbank
Ustido Riverbank
Bibro Road
Baitum Roam
Crudum Roar
Clitum Rob
Scoto Robber; thief
Scotro Robbery
Iorlo Robe
Glufo Rock
Glufi Rocky
Ierfo Rod
Burium Roll
Tago Roof
Forro Room
Crasum Roost
Droumo Root
Brudum Root out
Salo Rope
Raso Rose
Rudium Rot
Ruc Rough
Piddum Rouse
Plimum Rout
Bofum Row
Goni Royal
Spurpum Rub
Crobum Rue
Omorro Ruin
Abbum Rule
Calfium Rule
Tinilo Ruler
Ornum Run
Oclubum Run away
Reno Rune
Brengo Ruse
Rosum Rush
Omo Rust
Amib Rusty
Crublu Ruthless


Church Istaran English
Soggo Sack
Cuslo Sacrament
Dipiro Sacrifice
Diprium Sacrifice (v.)
Febalo Sacrilege
Crub Sad; Sorrowful
Sofulo Saddle
Oruno Sadness
Ospi Safe (adj.)
Niro Safety
Iscafo Sage
Seblo Sail (n.)
Siblum Sail (v.)
Pluduro Sailor
Colbo Saint
Ibonno Sake
Paronum Sally forth
Suldo Salt
Saldo Saltwater
Sold Salty
Coledum Salute
Cailo Salvation
Sulpium Salve
Olga Same; The same
Calibno Sanctuary
Sofro Sand
Boso Sap
Sofium Sate
Nirinfo Savior
Sobro Saw
Betum Say
Bifo Saying
Coddium Scalp
Onut Scarce
Sprenum Scatter
Fagiro Scholar
Cispum Scorn
Pormium Scour
Spibum Scourge
Groggum Scrarch
Crum Scream
Crumium Scream (v.)
Bridiro Scribe
Iebrido Scripture
Scrobo Scroll
Seo Sea
Enfo Seacoast
Nigoro Sea-monster
Purserium Sear
Arpeggum Search
Sisso Seat
Boro Seaweed
Abidon Second level of ecclesiastical reprimand.
Felneso Secrecy
Forno Secret
Firnum Secret, keep
Burol Secular
Drom Secure
Prito Security
Scobium Seduce
Fesum See
Giddo Seed
Piggum Seek
Sutum Seethe
Ipum Seize
Silfun Seldom
Gusum Select
Sipo Self
Gibbum Sell
Sinfum Send
Assenfum Send for
Ansinfum Send forth
Sonico Seneschal
Anfido Sense
Bifro Sentence
Dabamum Separate
Sonfri Separate (adj.)
Malforno Sepulchre
Smoldi Serene
Trailo Serf
Sori Serious
Lursello Sermon
Linfo Serpent; Snake
Tino Servant
Tonum Serve
Tobodo Servitude
Siddium Set
Osiddum Set down
Iesiddum Set forth
Anninfum Set on fire
Cuffum Set up
Fo Settlement
Sup Seven
Sibium Sew
Scafo Shadow; Shade
Celpo Shaft
Crissum Shake
Iprummum Shall
Urbeto Shame
Scibbum Shape
Foilum Share
Stig Sharp
Scinum Shatter
Scapum Shave
Scupo Sheaf
Scirum Shear
Scudo Sheath
Scubo Sheep
Cafur Sheer
Scodo Sheet
Scolpo Shelf
Scello Shell
Clo Shelter
Corfio Shepherd
Lonfo Shield
Ofurbum Shield
Ronfo Shield
Scorium Shimmer
Scono Shin
Didum Shine
Lifo Ship
Fiscum Shit
Sco Shoe
Scudum Shoot
Scubbo Shop
Apiro Shore
Sculfum Should
Ouglo Shoulder
Scuidum Shout
Scrofium Shred
Scrono Shrine
Sconfum Shrink
Scrufo Shroud
Asconium Shun
Bongium Shut the eyes
Glummum Shut up
Flaid Shy
Aflib Sick
Esiglium Sicken
Borlo Sickness
Condo Side
Sigum Sigh
Seno Sight
Dageno Sign
Dagnium Sign, make a
Rubo Silence
Rubud Silent
Rubum Silent, be
Sulgo Silk
Fol Silly
Spuro Silver
Elig Similar
Onar Simple
Sonno Sin
Sonum Sin; Do wrong
Nu Since
Sonnib Sinful
Obalum Sing
Saniro Singer
Alib Single; lone; alone
Osibum Sink
Ioldino Sinner
Spuso Sister
Siddum Sit
Sei Six
Migilo Size
Pruf Skilful
Scelo Skull
Culo Slander
Pollo Slaughter
Bilsto Slaughter, place
Bulco Slave
Tubodo Slavery
Uslum Slay
Slibum Sleep
Conulo Sleet
Tonne Slender
Moidi Slight
Slomo Slime
Litiro Sling
Slongum Slink
Slebum Slip
Slubum Slip away
Slabo Sloth
Slob Slothful
Lod Slow
Longosai Slow creep (plague)
Slorum Slumber
Mefi Small
Glaimum Smear
Smidum Smite
Mido Smith
Rego Smoke
Smete Smooth
Smarium Smother
Snoibo Snail
Sofo Snare
Ofribum Snatch
Snigum Sneak
Crindo Snow
Datais So much
Tite So that
Bisum Soak
Sarbo Soap
Iusium Sob
Iofo Society
Lif Soft
Ilitum Soften
Anli Sole; Solitary
Stid Solid; Stiff
Solinas Solinari
Nadol Some
Pio Someone
Atiro Someone else
Udo Something
Pine Somewhat
Mobo Son
Iffo Song
Lobri Soon
Malscrono Sorcerer; Wizard
Sar Sore
Suro Sorrow
Sarib Sorry
Pirhto Soul
Pirto Soul
Clummo Sound
Bumum Sound (v.)
Curdium Sound out
Sor Sour
Sib South
Spribum Sow
Romno Space
Ionn Spacious
Apfo Spade
Sporium Spare
Islo Spark
Bitum Speak
Biseddum Speak against
Motilum Speak for
Baro Spear
Sofi Special
Bapo Spectacle
Dolco Speech
Spefo Speed
Ialfo Spell
Omerrum Spend
Parspum Spill
Sponnum Spin
Sporo Spire
Iaso Spirit
Bosli Spiritual
Spadium Spit
Fidi Splendid
Lumio Splendor
Blibo Sport
Bommo Spot; Stain
Imogo Spouse
Suplum Spread
Sprego Spreaker
Lengo Spring (season)
Bello Spring (water)
Eligum Spring up
Spridum Sprout
Arnidum Spurn
Purspolum Squander
Bartibo Square
Bislum Squeeze
Tifrum Stab
Erfo Staff
Corudo Stag
Stogrum Stagger
Stibo Stair
Stogo Stake
Scritrum Stalk
Scubino Stall (n.)
Ciniso Stallion
Stofum Stand
Loisud Stand empty; be vacant
Astofum Stand up
Donbulo Star
Sturfa Starboard
Starium Stare
Stur Stark
Sturpum Starve
Spello Statement
Dollo Station
Bostmo Stature
Stilo Stead
Tefip Steadfast
Stilum Steal
Stumo Steam
Morco Steed
Stolo Steel
Nobol Steep
Tibilo Steeple
Storum Steer
Stupo Stem
Stengo Stench
Drifo Step
Drifum Step; Traverse; Walk
Stide Stern
Rippo Steward
Sabulo Stick
Stobium Sting
Rugum Stink
Crirum Stir
Brebum Stir up
Stibabo Stirrup
Id Stll (adv.)
Bomfo Stomach
Darpo Stone
Darpe Stone (adj.)
Udarpium Stone (v.)
Sello Stool
Istolum Stop
Bifiro Storm
Ofrigum Storm (v.)
Istib Stormy
Sabo Story
Sitma Stout-hearted
Ride Straight
Ridum Straighten
Culmo Straw
Badiro Stream
Barto Street
Trito Strength
Dromium Strengthen
Tinium Stretch
Scritum Stride, walk
Sago Strife
Fudum Strike
Frefium Strike down
Apaslum Strike off
Sniro String
Dolium Strive
Fonno Stroke
Trite Strong
Postino Stronghold
Nable Studded
Lorium Study
Fasum Stun
Mibi Stupid
Lissum Subdue
Ofubum Submit
Spabum Succeed
Spefio Success
Spefi Successful
Irpomo Successor
Ba Such
Bolgo Such as
Subam Suck
Porli Sudden
Parlige Suddenly
Bolmium Suffer
Rubbo Suffering
Inab Sufficient
Trismum Suffocate
Forgium Suit
Risni Suitable
Fisolium Sully
Missiro Summer
Ilanium Summon; Call down
Silo Sun
Udossi Sunrise blessing
Opiso Sunset prayer
Dapur Superior
Calsono Supplication
Anstallo Supply
Celbo Support
Bennum Suppose
Beffum Sure, be
Beffo Surety
Scado Surface
Bullum Surge
Ombum Surround
Scubum Survey; Look at
Nisum Survive
Lapio Survivor
Pustoro Sustenance
Spelbum Swallow
Mirisco Swamp
Spard Swarthy
Ospirum Swear
Spadum Sweat
Spobum Sweep
Spide Sweet
Fermum Swell
Oruf Swift
Plodum Swim
Spomum Swoon
Follo Sword
Sego Sword, short
Oranuro Sword-arm
Fugilo Symbol


Church Istaran English
Dafolo Table
Polno Tail
Nomum Take
Afregum Take a city
Anomum Take away; remove
Adium Take out
Acuffum Take up
Edalo Tale
Befum Talk
Brad Tall
Dombono Tambourine
Dumium Tame
Dablum Tangle
Biffo Tapestry
Diro Tar
Mergo Target
Durd Tart
Ferbum Taste
Bapulo Tax
Digum Teach
Laddubo Teacher
Larubo Teacher
Dufuro Team
Daubo Tear
Renfum Tear (v.)
Stelo Temper
Dubrium Temper (v.)
Purcapo Temperance
Scoro Tempest
Aulco Temple
Pobene Temporal
Laine Temporary
Gustium Tempt
Gustono Temptation
Don Ten
Mauru Tender
Dilfo Tent
Blagi Tepid
Stumno Term (service)
Adul Terrible
Fribum Terrify
Itelo Territory
Frabo Terror
Gonnium Test
Gonum Test
Ibindo Testimony
Tou Than
Tangium Thank
So That
Tagro Thatch
Tobum Thaw
Tam Thee
Tito Theft
Sas Their
Ton Then
Tanan Thence
Tar There
Parton Therefore
Tos These
Sifi They
Tige Thick
Tigido Thicket
Toco Thigh
Tonn Thin
Buco Thing
Benum Think
Tengium Think about
Triffa Third
Foripon Third level of ecclesiastical reprimand.
Trodeini Thirteen
Tis This
Toir Thither
Ponbo Thong
Turno Thorn
Tarno Thorn bush
Toren Thorny
To Those
Ti Thou
Cie Though
Aro Thought
Tangol Thoughtful
Araifo Thought-reader
Usenfo Thousand
Trilo Thrall
Trafo Thread
Fodo Threat
Pubium Threaten
Tuon Threatening
Tro Three
Trosedil Three Thrones’ War
Tribo Thrice
Torlum Thrill
Bufforo Throat
Sedlo Throne
Menibo Throng
Torc Through; throughout
Borbum Throw
Aborbum Throw away
Stobum Thrust
Tomo Thumb
Tonoro Thunder
Tus Thus; so; that
Tas Thy
Tam Thyself
Moilo Tide
Debum Tie
Salum Tie up
Stalo Tievery
Dielo Tile
Dofro Timber
Polo Time; Length of time
Flud Timid
Donno Tin
Dofiro Tinder
Derium Tire
Met Tired
Dufo Today
Doro Toe
Dasane Together
Suslum Toil
Fegdo Token
Dallo Toll
Forindo Tomb
Danio Tongs
Dono Tongue
Ag Too
Dolto Tool
Dudo Tooth
Gubbo Top
Doribo Torment
Cormo Torso
Dorebo Torture
Cribo Touch
Pelo Touch
Duc Tough
Anin Toward
Durro Tower
Forbito Town
Lasto Track; trail
Geibum Trade
Borlubo Traitor
Parsibbum Transform
Abenfum Translate
Abenfo Translation
Pirium Transport; Carry; Bear
Drabbum Trap
Oparbum Travel
Lidi Treacherous
Pogino Treachery; treason
Drefum Tread
Matmo Treasure
Bairo Treaty
Famo Tree
Fipium Tremble
Oldum Trespass
Ponfobo Trial
Bopolo Tribute
Bringum Trick
Feimo Triumpet
Cubo Troop
Imaro Trouble
Druco Trough
Sod True
Sodli Truly
Lobo Trunk
Drubium Trust
Sodo Truth
Nitum Try
Gipo Tub; Vessel
Dofium Tumble
Sturmo Tumult
Donego Tunic
Dorpo Turf
Purpum Turn
Figorum Turn against; betray
Iufubum Turn back
Dusco Tusk
Bile Twelve
Dibin Twenty
Duba Twice
Dubagno Twice-Born
Idiso Twin
Donglium Twinkle
Brastum Twist
Efibo Twit
De Two


Church Istaran English
Brisi Ugly
Pritod Unarmed
Duld Uncertain; unstable
Aumo Uncle
Anbrum Uncover
Porfli Undefended
Onfir Under
Unidum Understand
Onnum Undertake
Oneso Unhappy
Boncol Unhealthy
Icol Uninjured
Onnisum Unite
Onniso Unity
Ormin Universal
Ongud Unknown; Strange
Onoli Unlawful
Numne Unless
Oneli Unlike
Onbitni Unspeakable
Attaid Until
Ut Until
Innu Unto
Onmornlig Untroubled
Silfi Unusual
Onbordo Unworthy
Od Up
Anun Upon
Monium Urge
Migo Urine
Nomass Us
Nudum Use
Nidd Useful
Onnid Useless
Ini Usual


Church Istaran English
Fel Vacant
Fil Vain
Calon Vain, in
Fenno Valley
Elleno Valor; Courage
Spamium Vanish
Canibum Vanquish
Trasmo Vapor
Sofri Various
Poinum Vary
Pidum Vat
Forino Vault
Bordum Vegetable
Pirumo Vehicle
Brielum Veil
Brilo Veil
Aifiro Vein
Arbord Venerable
Sucli Verily
Pirso Verse
Pila Very
Onsifo Vice
Sibo Victory
Boggo Vigil
Scafli Vile
Biggo Village
Egifo Vinegar
Bonorfo Vineyard
Dufrigum Violate
Niffo Violence
Cidol Violent
Poimo Virgin
Gisto Virtue
Gisti Virtuous
Ieson Visible
Spuno Vision
Segum Visit
Gomo Visitor
Stimno Voice
Spibo Vomit
Fudium Vow
Fudo Vow (n.)
Croino Vulture


Church Istaran English
Bofrum Wade
Boium Wag
Bobo Wagon
Tudirum Wail
Pallum Wait upon
Bagum Wake
Beggum Waken
Boco Wall
Bulbium Wallow
Scritium Wander
Bannum Want
Bal Wanton
Ido War
Trodo War-band
Sparum Ward off
Burdo Warden
Colfo Warfare
Burm Warm
Bermium Warm (v.)
Burmum Warn
Burmo Warning
Biplum Warp
Ariddo Warrior
Bucludo War-song
Barium Wary, be
Boscum Wash
Baibo Wasp
Bestum Waste
Fonum Waste away
Abestum Waste, lay
Bisteno Wasteland
Bogium Watch
Audium Watch over
Pludo Water
Cobo Wave
Bongum Waver
Bogso Wax
Bebo Way
Pulbado Way of life
Iromum Way, clear; Give clear path to
Bancal Weak
Bancum Weaken
Babino Weapon
Birium Wear
Birib Weary
Befiro Weather
Bupum Weave
Ibipo Web
Beffium Wed
Bego Wedge
Bofo Weed
Bigio Week
Aubum Weep
Brodum Weep
Broudum Weep
Cloistum Weigh
Sid Weird
Calsum Welcome
Calsa Welcome!
Dilo Well
Baullum Well up
Abinfum Wend
Besod West
Baid Wet
Boidum Wet (v.)
Crampo Whale
Pelge What
Pilge What kind of
Cu What!
Pulo Wheel
Pelbo Whelp
Tan When
Ponun Whence
Por Where
Pori Wherefore
Teir Wherever
Same Whether
Tebar Which
Tapol While
Ponium Whine
Spondo Whip
Pispro Whirlpool
Ronium Whisper
Pisclium Whistle
Flag White
Pifir Whither
Po Who
Site Whoever; He who
Urmen Whole
Te Whom
Pas Whose
Pod Why
Arlas Wicked
Ion Wide
Bifebo Widow
Balfum Wield
Bipo Wife
Bolfe Wild
Bestino Wilderness
Bolmo Wile
Ballo Will
Pain Willing
Bolibo Willow
Iebonnum Win
Bonfo Wind
Autoro Window
Musdo Wine
Mudubo Wine-shop
Petiro Wing
Bengium Wink
Bonsom Winsome
Bonniro Winter
Bibium Wipe
Borio Wire
Bidibo Wise man; Prophet
Bollum Wish
Ibido Wit
Caito Witch
Bid With
Ispatrum Withdraw
Pursutum Wither
Bornum Withhold
Onnon Within
Ban Without
Bitsogum Withstand
Ibino Witness
Biscufo Wizard
Bo Woe
Oldo Wold
Ifeso Woman
Bofrium Wonder
Bonfuro Wonder (n.)
Ibonium Wont, be
Bulium Woo
Culdo Wood
Boullo Wool
Barbo Word
Borgum Work
Somlum Work
Balfo World
Mato Worm
Dirbum Worry
Borsium Worsen
Bortium Worship
Borto Worship (n.)
Bors Worst
Fubudo Worth
Fubium Worth, be
Nabid Worthless
Bord Worthy
Bulfum Would
Sarum Wound
Brabum Wrap
Erro Wrath
Brodro Wreath
Ermo Wretch
Armli Wretched
Brombum Wring
Bristo Wrist
Eficum Write
Britum Writhe; Coil
Ibrido Writing
Ful Wrong (adj.)
Ipilo Wrong; sin
Burdi Wrought


There are no entries for the letter ‘X’.


Church Istaran English
Bunium Yawn
Iuro Year
Lanium Yearn
Iolium Yell
Paulo Yellow
Ilbum Yelp
Istrano Yesterday
Tac Yet
Ibo Yew
Silonnum Yield
Iogo Yoke
Iara Yore, of
Omba Young
Ciso Young man
Mublo Young woman
Iubudo Youth


Church Istaran English
Ellino Zeal
Iurni Zealous

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