Character Development Tips

Make your character more than a set of numbers by answering these questions. Simply click-and-hold your mouse before the letter T in “The Basics”, then drag your mouse down to the last P in the last “Name and Relationship”. Then right-click the highlighted area, copy, and paste back into a document and fill out the form!

The Basics

Character’s Name:

Player’s Name:


Social Affiliation (if any):

Physical Traits

What does your character look like?

  • Eyes:
  • Hair:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Age:
  • Distinguishing Features:

Personality Traits

What are some words that best describe your character’s personality?

Examples: adversarial, aloof, altruistic, arrogant, blunt, boisterous, bombastic, callous, carefree, charitable, chivalrous, confident, curious, deceptive, domineering, effervescent, flippant, focused, free-spirited, fussy, imaginative, independent, lackadaisical, light-hearted, loud, methodical, miserly, morose, mysterious, nervous, pensive, quirky, reckless, repentant, reserved, resolute, scheming, shallow, short-tempered, shrewd, sociable, soft-spoken, stubborn, studious, tactful, talkative, trusting, unflappable, vengeful, zealous.

Notable Quotes:

What are some “trademark” things your character is fond of saying?

Goals and Objectives

What is your character’s driving force or destiny?

Personal History

What are some of the highlights from your character’s past?


What does your character think about _______________ ?

Fill in the blank with a speecific place, nationality, race, class, religion, organization, event, philosophy, monster, or anything else you can think of. It’s best if you do this one multiple times.

Allies and Associates

Whom does your character consider his/her allies or associates?


Whom does your character consider his/her enemies? (Rangers may list their favored enemies here as well.)

Disguises and Personas

What are some of your character’s favorite disguises and personas?

Noteworthy Relatives

Who are the other members of your family (assuming you have one)? Remember uncles, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, and other relations.

Name and Relationship:

Name and Relationship:

Name and Relationship:

Name and Relationship:

Name and Relationship:

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