Champions of Krynn – Chapter 1: The Mystery of the Lost Patrol

Champions of Krynn Cover

I am pleased to announce that a long awaited dream is actually coming to reality today. This chapter is created in the spirit of the original 90s gold box game, but is not the same tactical game that I spent hundreds of hours playing through. The locations, the people, the story is still intact but many of these things have been expanded.

As an avid lover of Dragonlance, Dungeons & Dragons, and the original gold box games, I can’t wait for a new generation to dive into the game and hear their tales. 

Chapter 2 is well into the final stage of the writing process and Chapter 3 has begun to be outlined for playtesting. It’s a good day to be a fan of Dragonlance and through your support we can continue this process, so thank you.

Long Live the Lance!

Chuck Martinell

Project Lead Champions of Krynn Project

About Chuck Martinell

A long time Dragonlance contributor and host of the Dragonlance Canticle.
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  1. Thank you for a a Great Yuletime present. Champions of Krynn and the follow up Death Knights of Krynn, and Dragon Queen of Krynn were some my favorite SSI games. The modules are well done and look forward to seeing the rest of the 1st games laid out.

    A Toast to You and your team!

  2. This is so awesome! Thanks so much for doing this!

  3. Thank you! Some of my friends saw my…modest…collection of DL books on my shelves and have been badgering me to run. This is perfect!

  4. Sorry if this has been addressed, but when do you estimate Ch.2 being released?

    I took 2 kender Legion of Steel cadets through Ch. 1. We had a blast! Can’t wait for Ch. 2.

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