Aarakocra, Bullywugs, and Centaurs

Aarakocra Ability Score Adjustments: +1 Dexterity (maximum 18), -1 Strength and Constitution (maximum 16 each). Player Classes: Aarakocras can be warriors, barbarians, clerics/tribal shamans, and thieves. Hit Dice: Aarakocra receive Hit Dice by class. Alignment: Aarakocras tend towards neutral good. Aarakocra PCs can be any alignment. Natural Armor Class: AC 7. Monstrous Traits: Broken speech; aarakocra… Read More

  • Memorable Quotes

    A slug! But look at the size of that thing! How do you suppose it got so big? I wonder what it eats –
    Us, you ninny!

    — Tasslehoff Burrfoot and Flint Fireforge, Dragons of Autumn Twilight