Tabitha Lyons to Cosplay Kitiara!

Cosplayer Tabitha Lyons has announced that she will be portraying none other than Kitiara uth Matar! Tabitha recently gave Margaret Weis some details.

“Lots of people have asked me why are we making a Dragon and what are our plans for cosplaying Kitiara and Skie. It all started in a remarkably similar way to something you would read at the beginning of a Dragonlance story.

The Artyfakes team were sitting around a bonfire discussing our fantasy builds, the idea of a ride on dragon came up, by the end of the evening we had designed the whole thing in our head, there was talk of something as large as a 10 foot dragon from snout to tail which would look as though the operator was riding it, combine that with the opportunity to bring to life my all time favourite fantasy character and we were sold. Of course it was just talk and we’d never actually make it…

Sometimes though “what ifs” just have to be acted on. Although this was a massive task for our already busy team we agreed to bring the idea to life, my dream cosplay would finally come true.

This project has not been without it’s frustrations, problems, hitches and hiccups. However the end is now in site. It’s brought us closer together as a team, as we have been spending all our free time working on it. We can’t wait to see it completed and debut this character at London Film and Comic Con next weekend.

Of course the Dragon and Kitiara costume will be great promotion for Artyfakes and hopefully we can sell a few variations of the Dragon. We also hope we can, in some small way, help introduce the Dragonlance novels to a new generation of fans and remind existing fans of just how great the Dragonlance series is.

After LFCC we’ll have some free time to make a Lord Soth costume which will give us three main characters to play around with and maybe even create a short fan film. I know we are not the only fans who would love to see the trilogy as live action films or have it’s own TV series. With the current popularity of books becoming films or shows who knows what could happen.. but I’m excited to find out.

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