Sir Liam Ehrling: the Death of a Dream

Knights of Solamnia Crest

For most avid readers of Dragonlance, the name Sir Liam Ehrling means little. There isn’t much known about the man who served as Grand Master following Gunthar uth Wistan’s death. What there is known though is that Ehrling killed the dream of the knighthood. While many fans of the series credit the changes of the knighthood to Jaymes Markham, in reality it was through Ehrling’s poor leadership that this happened. Read More

  • Memorable Quotes

    Did you give Tanin a sword, then bid him break it? Did you give Sturm a shield and tell him to hide behind it? Oh, I know! That is different. That is something you understand. you’ve never understood me, have you, Father?

    — Palin Majere, Magic of Krynn, The Legacy