Enhancing Your Game – Tome & Blood

Tome and Blood

Author’s Notes: This article provides insight on how to incorporate prestige classes from Tome and Blood: A Guidebook to Wizards and Sorcerers into your Dragonlance campaign. The following feature provides alternate class descriptions and variants for your game. Please note that the Arcane Trickster and Dragon Disciple prestige classes have… Read More

Complete Arcane and Dragonlance


Here is a brief summary of the material presented in Complete Arcane and how this material relates to the world of Krynn. Core Classes Warlock: The warlock represents a character that has a fiendish or fey background. Since these creatures likely use ambient magic, their descendant has an innate ability… Read More

Knight Core Class and Dragonlance


Author’s Note: This article uses the Knight core class from the Player’s Handbook II. To avoid copyright violation, I will not reproduce the core class, but instead heavily reference it. Knights in Krynn Certainly, knights play a HEAVY role in Krynn. At least two orders of knighthood exist in Krynn:… Read More

Fashions of Palanthas


Just as in any society, fashion is a fickle mistress in Ansalon. One day dragonskin boots might be all the rage, but on the next, people could embrace squirrel fur stockings. So, to help heroes choose the perfect thing to wear on occasions where the right clothing is a life-or-death… Read More

Character Development Tips

Make your character more than a set of numbers by answering these questions. Simply click-and-hold your mouse before the letter T in “The Basics”, then drag your mouse down to the last P in the last “Name and Relationship”. Then right-click the highlighted area, copy, and paste back into a… Read More