Tobril Issue 1: November 2002

Tobril #1 Cover

Ancient Krynn – Bakali Summoning Jars, by John Grubber Recently uncovered writings by scholar Iago Tomasi shed light on the elusive Bakali and the ancient magic they possess. Kender Corner – Kender Wizards, by Sean Macdonald The stoutest hearts tremble in fear at the mere suggestion: kender wizards, and how… Read More

  • Memorable Quotes

    How sad, Palin said as his spirit started to ebb, that only at the end do I know what I should have known from the start.
    Darkness eternal, Dalamar echoed.
    No, said Palin softly, for beyond the clouds, the sun shines…

    — Palin Majere, Dragons of a Vanished Moon