Careless Kender Causes Chaos In the Labyrinth

by Acorn Thornpicker, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Palast, Darkember 7, 426 AC

Palanthas – Today in the Labyrinth, disaster was averted due to one brave knight, a monk of Majere and a helpless tabby.

Witness report that Woody Toskgal, a young kender of 35, had been wandering through the morning marketplace when, suddenly, he seemed to be attracted to a collection of knives. Jack Felles, the merchant who were selling these knives tells the Herald’s reporter that he did not realize they were gone until knives were being flung in circles above the kender’s head.

“Well, I was just selling me knives and ‘den that kender leapt at me, wit’ that stick o’ his!” Jack Felles reported afterwards.

“He was rather good at it,” Sally Lock, a bystander, admits with a shrug. “He had 5 knives all going around in circles at once. The trouble didn’t start until they tried to stop him.”

Sir William Springer, a Knight of Solamnia present at the market place, saw the kender juggling knives. “I moved to intercede and to put a stop to such dangerous nonsense,” Sir Springer reported.

Witnesses relate how the kender backed away from the approaching Knight and bumped into the monk of Majere. A fight ensued. Sir Springer finally grabbed the kender and admits in hindsight, “It really wasn’t such a bright idea. But the kender could have hurt someone otherwise, so we’re lucky we got away with what we did.” The Herald’s reporter talked to several witnesses all of whom mentioned that a knife, heading for Jack Felles, was caught by an amazing lunge by the Monk of Majere

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