Sir Liam Ehrling: the Death of a Dream

Knights of Solamnia Crest

For most avid readers of Dragonlance, the name Sir Liam Ehrling means little. There isn’t much known about the man who served as Grand Master following Gunthar uth Wistan’s death. What there is known though is that Ehrling killed the dream of the knighthood. While many fans of the series credit the changes of the knighthood to Jaymes Markham, in reality it was through Ehrling’s poor leadership that this happened. Read More

Mystic Origins


The Dragonlance mystic was first introduced in the Fifth Age line of products, which used the SAGA system. The timeline had jumped forward 30 years past the end of Dragons of Summer Flame, when the magic of the world left with the gods. Or so we thought. As it turned… Read More