Bardic Doughnuts


1 cup sugar, 1 cup milk
2 eggs beaten fine as silk.

Salt and nutmeg or lemon will do;
Baking powder, teaspoons two.
Now lightly stir the flour in.
Roll on pie board, but not too thin.

Cut in diamonds, twists or rings.
Drop with care the doughy things,
Into hot fat that swiftly swells
Evenly the spongy cells.

Watch with care the time for turning,
Fry them brown, just short from burning.
Roll in sugar, serve when cool;
This is a never-failing rule.


About Trampas "Dragonhelm" Whiteman

Trampas “Dragonhelm” Whiteman is best known for co-creating and administering the Dragonlance Nexus fan site. He is co-author of three Dragonlance books – Holy Orders of the Stars, Knightly Orders of Ansalon, and Races of Ansalon. When not evangelizing Dragonlance and other settings, Trampas is a husband, father, podcaster, and web designer. Trampas also enjoys reading comics, reading fantasy and scifi novels, and playing D&D.
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  1. That is awesome is it from the books or did you come up with that on your own cause its freaking great… haven’t tried it yet though

  2. That’s not from the books. That’s original. It was inspired by somewhere, but I can’t remember where now.

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