Steve Kenson

The Sylvan Veil

The Sylvan Veil

For centuries, the Silvanesti elves remained aloof from the rest of Krynn. Many times they retreated to their sacred forest, taking no part in world events until some outside force invaded their sanctum. Soon after Chaos ascended to power on Ansalon, the Silvanesti took extreme measures--magically shielding themselves from humans, dwarves, dragons, and even other elves.

As the years passed, those outside the Silvanesti Shield wondered what was going on behind it. Some even attempted to penetrate the barrier or bring it down. But the shield never yielded.


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  • Memorable Quotes

    ‘Very well, the half-elf said, studying Raistlin. But you’ll show up on the face of that mountain like a blood stain. Cover yourself with a white robe.’ The half-elf’s sardonic smile was an almost perfect imitation of Raistlin’s own. ‘Borrow one from Elistan.’

    — Tanis Half-Elven, Dragons of Winter Night