Richard Dakan

Rise of the Titans

Rise of the Titans

Series: Battle Lines, Book 2
Genre: Gaming Books
Tags: AD&D 2E, Chaos War Era

Evil Grows in the Heart of the Ogre Lands

During the Age of Dreams, ogres were beautiful creatures who built fantastic cities and ruled over the greatest civilization on all of Krynn. They eventually fell prey to their own decadence--their culture collapsed into barbarism while the ogres themselves degenerated into their current repulsive forms. Recently, however, a new form of ogre has emerged. These titans are gigantic, highly intelligent creatures who claim to hold the key to regaining the ogres' lost beauty and power. Already the titans have begun to reclaim their former position in Ansalon through conquest and slavery!

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  • Memorable Quotes

    You knights have lived encased in metal so long it’s shaken your brains to mush! If you ever had any brains to begin with, which I doubt. I’ve seen that girl grow from a wee bit of a thing to the beautiful woman she is now. And I tell you there isn’t a more courageous, nobler person on Krynn. What’s got you is that she just saved your hide. And you can’t handle that!

    — Flint Fireforge, Dragons of Winter Night