James O'Rance was an early contributor to Dragonlance fandom, creating a complete rules system for Dragonlance. He also ran a Taladas website, creating several netbooks for Taladas. James was also active in the Planescape community. Unfortunately, James passed away several years back. The Dragonlance Nexus pays tribute to his legacy.
  • Memorable Quotes

    Raistlin! You have on black robes! How wonderful! Can I touch them? Oh, all right. You needn’t glare at me like that. it’s just that they look so soft. Say, does this mean you’re truly bad now? Can you do something evil for me, so I can watch? I know! I saw a wizard summon a demon once. Could you do that? Just a small demon? You could send him right back. No?

    — Tasslehoff Burrfoot, Dragons of Spring Dawning