[4E] Baaz Draconian

Draconian, Baaz Level 3 Soldier Medium Natural Humanoid (Dragon) – XP 150 Initiative +4; Senses Perception +2; darkvision HP 46; Bloodied 23 AC 19; Fortitude 18, Reflex 16, Will 17 Speed 6; see also wing glide Longsword (standard; at-will) · Weapon +10 vs. AC; 1d8+3 Powerful Strike (standard; recharge 5,6)… Read More

  • Memorable Quotes

    When they had gone, a squire approached and reported that Sir Wolhelm’s warhorse was missing. The Knight eyed the hills suspiciously, considering whether to send a patrol to arrest the kender, but then he shook his head in disbelief, silently repremanding himself. Not even a kender, he muttered.

    — Sir Wolhelm, Conundrum